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    Quote Originally Posted by mikestone967 View Post
    Then why does one group have special privileges over another?
    Police are 100% reactionary, period. Police show up, outline the body and take the report... then, if things aren't too backed up... you may start looking for the perp..

    I'll carry anywhere and everywhere I go and that's a promise.
    No cops life is worth more than mine or my families...
    Why do you insist on continuing with the same questions that have already been asked. You've already shown your perspective on these subjects based on your "CopClock" support. Again, no one said you or your family's life is work less that that of a cop. If you just want to argue and show your ass, you're not worth my time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NavyLCDR View Post
    Unless it happens to be another police officer that was the victim of the crime. Then all of the LEO agencies for miles around will all pool their resources and find that particular normally within 24 hours and look for the excuse to kill them on the spot - no double standard there....

    Gee, I guess if someone has the balls to attack and/or kill a cop they are not a greater threat to the public than now who would simply attack unarmed persons. Enough of the baseless assumptions and accusations. You have some major misconceptions, based on my experience, and it's obvious that you believe in your point of view at the expense of the facts. Have a nice day. I'm glad you and your family will never need a cop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snowman45 View Post
    I'm glad you and your family will never need a cop.
    No one does.

    You are not special.

    You earn nor deserve any Rights above and beyond others here or anywhere else.

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    Cheesecake Factory

    Quote Originally Posted by snowman45 View Post
    Gee, I guess if someone has the balls to attack and/or kill a cop they are not a greater threat to the public than now who would simply attack unarmed persons.
    What makes the act of "attacking" you any more egregious than any other human being?
    You volunteered for the job. You weren't drafted.... so..

    What makes you any more "Special" than the next person?

    Blue cloths?

    PS.. its "CopBlock" by the way....

  5. Well, I've read all the posts in this thread now. It seems there is really a single line of thought but it's being explained or argued in different ways. That line of thought is that police/LEO shouldn't be elevated by law above regular citizens. I think that is true. After all, we are all citizens whether we do the job of LEO or not. As such, a police officer's life isn't any more important than any other citizens.

    Where I think the point is being explained/argued in a different way is this. Some are arguing that police are being given special consideration by being allowed to carry a firearm in places that a regular citizen isn't, or it could be some other area. What is really happening in this area is that legislators are making laws saying gov't has to exist for us to have a decent society to live in. Police are usually the most visible sign of government and authority (law and order). After all, they are the ones authorized in our society to routinely take someone's freedom, either by arrest, or in dire circumstances, to take another's life. For someone to deliberately attack an LEO, it is a challenge to government in general. It says, "I'm not scared of you, the government, and I'll do as I please, your laws be damned." At least, IMO, that's why you see laws like the one under discussion.

    Now me, I'd love to see every citizen have the right to carry when and where they felt the need. I also think that the law should read that a criminal, his estate, or his family could not sue anyone if the criminal was breaking the law and got anything from a butt-whooping to having their head blown off. I think that we'd see police with a whole lot less to do because crime would drop precipitously.

    While it would be nice to have a society where no crime existed, and therefore no police were needed, we all know that will never happen. Human nature has changed little in the time since God created us or we climbed down from the trees, which ever way you want to believe. What is important is that citizens and police work together, both against criminals and legislators. After all, it's really those two forces which are the danger to all of us.

  6. Hmmm I just open carried there last weekend. I don't recall seeing a sign. Oh well.

  7. We are all our first responder. Do not depend on LE to protect you. They are there to pick up the pieces afterwards. Protect yourself, your loved ones and the innocent if you can...

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