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    Quote Originally Posted by ken grant View Post
    Every round I fire when doing this hits the berm and most either hits the shot shell or makes it move
    The only hip shots I fire is at close range and no more than 3-4 yds. Most shots are at 1/2 hip , 3/4 hip and chin level, depending on distance . Kinda hard to aim at these points when firing.

    If over 12 yds. I do use eye level shooting but MOSTLY target focus or flash front sight. That is why I have my front sights painted white . I only practice defensive shooting and had rather have these skills and never have to use them than need them and not have them.

    As far as wasting ammo , I have more than enough to last me the few years I have left on this earth.
    Nevermind I misread your post
    In an emergency individuals do not rise to the occasion, they fall to the level of their MASTERED training
    Barrett Tillman

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    I'm 70 years old, and partly disabled. I practice mostly dry fire, all kinds of defensive skills. I spend time at the range each week, mostly verifying what I've been practicing in dry fire. I shoot from various positions, both hands, one hand at a time, point and shoot and using the sights - depending on distance. I shoot moving and standing, with very little repetition. Individual skills are repeated often in dry fire, but not in live fire. Never saw any sense at all in shooting until my hands hurt and blisters form... but each to his/her own.

    Nobody knows what will happen in a defensive situation, and if you only practice ONE thing, that particular thing is probably not what you are going to need at the time. I also offer a general shooting clinic and coaching session once a week. It is marvelous to see others shooting and having fun practicing something life affirming. You also wind up with various levels of constructive criticism, back and forth.

    Mix it up, and try lots of things. You will have a better and more useful practice, and quite probably lots more fun.
    NRA Certified instructor: handgun, self defense, CRSO (retired 2017)

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    Bikenut Guest
    I am 68 years old in poor health but I still practice drawing and shooting both my hip holstered sidearm and my pocket BUG along with my ankle holstered other BUG from different positions on the move using each hand separately starting with point shooting that evolves into using sights as distance permits. I use multiple cardboard cut out targets of head and torso including situating two of them to represent a hostage situation. I also use the movable range cart as a stand in for maneuvering a loved one behind me as I am moving and shooting, or as an obstacle that I must deal with while I'm moving and shooting, or I use it as cover/concealment. Sometimes I will load a spent shell somewhere in the magazine.....

    But when I can't get to the range I will take some cardboard targets and scatter them throughout the house in different places and then work my way from one end of the house to the other end using an air soft gun. That works the best when I can get someone else to scatter the targets so I have no idea where they might be.

    Those plastic pellets make a lot of noise going through the vacuum cleaner after practice.

  5. I do a lot of the same things I posted using a KWA Glock 19 Airsoft around my yard and in my shop ( wife frowns on airsoft pellets in the house )

    In the house I use a Laser Cartridge in my 19 and shoot at anything I see at different sizes , levels and angles.

    All of the above from the draw (open & concealed ), one handed just like I posted in the OP

  6. Made a few changes to my defensive practice . Some of this post is a repeat so I am sorry but I wanted to get all the info across.
    79 yrs. old , not so good balance and very bad Focused hand tremors so I have to shoot fast before the tremors kick in . If I try to sight and press the trigger , the shakes start. So I have had to find a way to work around the problems.

    I don't get a chance to train with a real live person such as force on force but do use full man sized targets for my practice.
    Drawing from open carry or concealment using Brownie's scoop draw and shooting an airsoft copy of my carry gun (G19) from the 1/4 hip , 1/2 hip , 3/4 hip and point shoulder I can handle the target up to at least 10 yrds and never use my sights . I do this everyday and some times several times a day .
    I also have a Laser Cartridge that I use in the house or shop to practice the same things but use smaller items around the rooms. Pictures , light switches , TV and so forth.
    I found that I can do the same with a .22 kit on my pistol or shooting 9m/m on my range trips . I try to do this at least twice a week .
    A lot of times on my range tips I just scatter fired shotshells on the berm and do the same.
    I hit a few , make a few move and miss a lot but always close enough to defend myself from them. :D
    The only problem is I don't know how I could do in a real life event.

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