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    I agree unconditionally with your first 3 bullet points. I agree with point #4 at least conditionally. I disagree with bullets #5 & 6. I don't have a problem with unload and show clear. If you shoot competitively (USPSA, IDPA, etc.) it is a required part of the stage shooting sequence. If you are unwilling to do this, you will not be allowed to compete or even allowed on the range. Most of the law enforcement training I've done, some of which was very good, required unload and show clear between stages or at certain points while training or qualifying at the range. Some of the more advanced tactical training venues I have attended did not utilize this procedure, but some did. They were all quality training. There are a number of excellent commercial civilian training venues which also utilize this procedure, and for most people to forgo that training over this issue would be their loss. It is a useful way to ensure safety on the range with beginner to intermediate level students and multiple shooters. Also, in my experience, a lot of shooters who believe they're "advanced" simply aren't. True, unload and show clear is not a tactical action. But it's just not that big of a deal to me in a training/qualification or competition environment. Though an instructor with many years of military and law enforcement experience, I have no problem with complying with the range regs at any training venue I attend, and I do not use "unload and show clear" as a descriminator when choosing what training to attend.

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    Makes me glad me and my buddies just go out in the desert and always have a hot "range."

    What boggles my mind the most is that someone would attempt to clear their weapon in the manner the OP said but NOT lock the slide open. WtF good does it do if you UNLOAD but don't show that it's clear?

    When clearing my weapon I ALWAYS hold my hand over the ejection port to catch the chambered round. And I always will. But I will also always hold the slide stop up so it locks the weapon open.

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