Trump spent his day at Walter Reed Hospital.
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Thread: Trump spent his day at Walter Reed Hospital.

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    Trump spent his day at Walter Reed Hospital.

    Sarah Sanders Might Have Just Posted The Most Powerful Image Of Trumpís Presidency

    The Most Powerful Image Of Trump's Presi | The Daily Caller

    It's LOVE That Constrains Me To Be Truthful And Tell People That They Are Lost And Headed For HELL If They Don't Know Jesus Christ, Not Hate. Hate says nothing.

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    I remember when the shooting occurred at Fort Hood, George W. Bush and his wife went immediately down there to see about what had happened. He showed more concern about the troops than Obama. It was said that Obama resented Bush being there and had or him ordered to leave. It wasn't until several days later that Obama visited the post concerning the shooting. For his appearance and comments, several CONEX containers were set up as a barrier for his protection. Obama was not one to see about the troops, unlike Bush and Trump. You have to give Trump, he is still looking after the troops, regardless of the Schumer Shutdown.

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