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    Carry a gun, even with a state issued permit, onto any PO parking lot in the United States is a felony.


    So, again, the post encouraging you to ignore GFZ laws, should be ignored unless you really want free housing and food at the federal penitentiary. Also, conviction of any felony means you will be banned from possessing a firearm for any reason for life.

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  3. Quote Originally Posted by Rivoak View Post
    See, thatís exactly the problem when somebody asks a question on this forum that goes out to people from different states. Gun laws in the US are a hodge-podge of cockamamie, illogical and arbitrary rules that have been cobbled together by ignorant legislators that know nothing about what they are passing and cannot be reconciled. For instance, carrying a gun into a church in your state may be fine, but in my state it is a misdemeanor that can get your permit revoked, and can get you jail time, unless you have the written permission of the head dude of the church.

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    Thanks for responding. Much appreciated. And I agree it sucks each state is different. Iím no lawyer ,but I get that laws vary by states, but the way things are with guns these days I feel like they should follow a federal law all together. Also thatíd piss California politicians off Pistol Free Zone Question

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  4. If possible get yourself a metal lock box as it is safer than a plastic gun case if your car God forbid gets broken into , So long as your in the parking lot of the school and disarm there should be no problem walking into the school .

  5. Just carry your gun anyway. Concealed means concealed.

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