Communist West Pointer Elimnated from Army
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Thread: Communist West Pointer Elimnated from Army

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    Communist West Pointer Elimnated from Army

    In 2017, Spenser Rapone graduated from West Point. Rapone considers himself to be a Communist and displayed pictures of Che Guerva under his uniform and a sign in his cover stating that communism would win. The incident caused considerable consternation within the services and the country. Finally, the issue with Rapone has been settled and he was given an Undesirable Discharge from the Army. Never saw the resolution of the problem until today and thought others might be interested in the outcome.

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    An "other than honorable" is appropriate. That mentality is in direct conflict with the mentality required of any officer in the military.

    Good riddance, and good for those who spoke up about his aberrant behavior.

    However, since he just took the taxpayers for a ride (he retains his "Graduated from West Point" credentials), there are plenty of organizations out there who're more than willing to hire him. He did make it through the program and graduate, so barring any scandals like widespread cheating, they can't take that away from him.

    Hmm... My gut tells me he's getting off easy. Is it not against the law for active subversives to attempt to infiltrate the U.S. Military?

    "After Rapone outed himself as a communist actively involved in a political project of subverting the military..."

    I really wish they did a better job screening people BEFORE they enter the military.
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