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    As are we . . . And will fight you ‘til the end.
    Americans vs whatever it is you profess to be. I really like our odds.The Party of Hate-258.gif

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    It takes a genuine dumb ass to attempt to defend Trump’s foolish, racist, misogynistic rhetoric. This is exactly what’s wrong with the GOP. You people want to subtlety condone racism and misogyny. “I’m not a racist, but some of the things he's saying are true. I’m not a misogynist, but some of the things he’s saying are right.” You people are dangerous and this is what is at the core of the “Make America great again” slogan. You want to turn back the clock to a time that should be viewed as un-American as well as un-Constitutional. You actually expect zero opposition, which is ridiculous.
    Are you speaking as Frick, Frack, or Mynah Bird? No matter, delusional anyway. I'm glad you consider "us" as dangerous because we are, to those who are intent on destroying the greatest country in the world. You referenced studying history in one of your previous posts. I would encourage you to re-acquaint yourself with our history and see that there is little tolerance for anyone trying to destroy us and turn the country into a socialist state. Your threat to "fight us' til the end" will not be a war, only a small skirmish, if that big. You completely underestimate the American people in thinking they are so gullible to accept socialism. Socialism promises only common poverty and government control and ownership of everything. Americans have always had more pride in themselves and self-sufficiency than to surrender their souls to such a misguided, and failed, form of government. Remember the old saying, "Trying to re-invent the wheel?" WE have what the rest of the world has wanted and, since they couldn't have it, they have wanted to destroy us.

    For whatever you think of Trump, he has awakened the country to how we have been deceived by the government and shown we can fight back. The Democratic party has all but destroyed itself in fighting him rather than trying to help him make the country better. They have enjoyed screwing us for years but, now they are paying the piper. So, hang on old son, we will fight you "til the end."

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    "Since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, He gave them up to a depraved mind, to do what should not be done"

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