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  1. Quote Originally Posted by johnny1969 View Post
    Greetings from Austin Tx
    Welcome Glad you're here

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    Hello all, just moved to Arizona from NY, found this site very informative.

  4. New year from sunny Pensacola, florida

    Hello everyone

  5. New gun owner here. Actually decided to get one and started the process before this virus hit but now Iím on hold as there are no sitting judges to sign my 1st gun to my permit. Missed by a few days. Gave me time to start to educate myself a bit. I think I have everything I need but the pistol. Ammo was a bit tough. I heard there are some companies that ship to NY home addresses. I ordered and it went through but Iím wondering if it will be denied when they get to it. Any thoughts?

  6. Excited to be here - James Forrester of Keep Guns Safe

  7. Hi all. New here. I've been carrying pistols since 1995. I know I'm a little late in the game. Before the rioting of late started, never really needed to. I would here and there. Lately I've been working on my stance, draw, etc. I used to carry open, but with people on edge nowadays, I conceal carry everywhere(besides, WalMart has banned open carry). My first pistol I ever got was an Astra A100 9mm that I still have. My ex father in law bought it for me. I carry it for sentimental reasons, but it can get the job done. My main carry pistol is a standard carry Sig P320 with TRL 4 laser/light combo. I use a custom made High Threat Concealment holster for it.

    While I'm very comfortable carrying my pistol concealed everywhere, I do try to train on how I would react in a situation where I needed it. In my life I've only had to pull my pistol twice on someone. I was very scared, nervous, but my life was in danger. In both instances, once I pulled my pistol, aimed(I always carry one in the chamber), the other guy backed away. It's a feeling I hope and pray I never have to go through again. I was nervous, scared(although I wasn't shaking as I pointed my pistol). A million things went through my mind: Would I die, would he? Would I go to jail even though I'm only defending myself?

    In short, had I not pulled my pistol on the threat when he came at me, I'm sure I wouldn't be here today.

  8. Greetings from New York!
    Stuff I like: best mag loaders AND customer service - amazing steel targets
    Alex Roderick - Veteran, father, if I tell you any more I'll have to kill you

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