Sebastian Gorka: High-Level Obama DOJ Officials Will Be Charged With Very Serious Felonies, Be Patient

Sebastian Gorka, former strategist to President Trump, takes aim at Google over its work in China. Gorka told FBN host Lou Dobbs that Google sees America as the problem and like to help nations that are against U.S. interests.

Gorka said according to Chris Farrow at Judicial Watch he can predict that high-level Obama-era DOJ officials like Lisa Page and Bruce Ohr will be charged with serious felonies.

"There will be people in high levels of the Obama administration who will be charged with very serious felonies to do with their seditious activity," Gorka said Wednesday. "However, you have to note that a good prosecutor does not after the low-hanging fruit. They put pressure on those who are most legally vulnerable. In this case, it is going to be Lisa Page, it is going to be Bruce Ohr, whose wife is implicated. And when then have the thumbs screwed turned on them legally, they will give up what the Obama administration was doing in a silent coup against Donald Trump."

"I know it's tough. We have to wait a little bit and be a little patient," he added.

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Lock them all up.........