During the Cuban missile crisis JFK had multiple one on one private phone conversations with Khrushchev and they were never leaked by a whistleblower.

Come up to today’s date and Trump’s private one on one phone conversation with the President of Ukraine was brought out in the open due to the CIA spy’s illegal whistleblower submission that was all hearsay and not a single first hand witness of.

Here’s the question, what would have happened if JFK’s phone conversation had leaked out back then, like what has happened now; the whole process that they were trying to avoid would have gone up in a large cloud of nuclear destruction and would have destroyed our country.

I know this is a bit of over exaggeration, but the point it is, a President needs to have the authorization to talk to other heads of state without having to worry about some low level political pundit sticking their damned nose into something that doesn’t concern them.