While Democrats Pursue Impeachment, President Trump Builds Impressive Record of Accomplishments

Unable to talk about any actual accomplishments, and fearful of blowback from voters who didn’t elect them to “impeach the motherf***er,” Democrats have decided to use endless “repetition” of certain buzzwords to convince Americans that impeachment is necessary.

In a conference call Sunday night, Democratic Caucus Chairman Hakeem Jeffries “named six words that Democrats will use — ‘betrayal, abuse of power, national security’ — as they make the case that Trump abused his office,” Politico reports.

You have to hand it to the Dems. It’s not a bad plan. When you don’t have a logically consistent argument, the best strategy is to stick to buzzwords. And if you’re a Democrat, you can get away with it because the media will accept your buzzwords at face value.

Andrew Breitbart called this arrangement the Democrat-Media Complex. “The left does not win its battles in debate. It doesn’t have to,” Breitbart explained in his memoir, Righteous Indignation.

Democrats have been reciting their “six words” all week, amplified by their media allies whose news reports sound generally like this: “Democrats have characterized Trump’s behavior as a betrayal of the public trust and an abuse of power that threatens America’s national security.”

See how easy that was? You’ll be hearing that ad nauseam on CNN-MSNBC-ABC-CBS-FNC-PBS-Etc.

Worse Than Salem

Trump has called this entire impeachment farce a “witch hunt.” I disagree. This is actually worse than a witch hunt. The accused at Salem got more due process than he’s getting from the Democrats. They were at least allowed to face their hysterical shrieking accusers. The nameless CIA operative whose hearsay complaint sparked this latest impeachment push won’t testify in public, and President Trump and the American people are supposed to be perfectly comfortable with this.

A member of our clandestine intelligence apparatus—who is a registered Democrat, has Democrat lawyers, and coordinated with Adam Schiff’s staff—wants to remove a duly elected sitting president from office based on the stuff this unnamed spook allegedly heard secondhand from some other unnamed spooks(s). Oh wait! He also cites articles he read in the media citing unnamed sources who are probably the same unnamed sources he talked to around the water cooler about the betrayal of our national security by Orange Man’s abuse of power.

Don’t worry, America. The Democrat-Media Complex has assured us that these CIA operatives are “nonpolitical.” Ignore the fact that the CIA has been gunning for Trump since before his inauguration. On December 10, 2016, the Daily Beast published an article quoting one former intelligence officer who described “a real revolt going on” within the Central Intelligence Agency, which at the time was leaking to the media to delegitimize then President-elect Trump. “They hate Trump’s guts,” this officer said of his CIA colleagues.

Sounds very “nonpolitical” to me! There really isn’t a “deep state,” if by “deep” you mean covert. It’s not covert at all. It’s right in your face.

You’ll recall that the whole Russiagate conspiracy originated with these same “nonpolitical” CIA operatives. That’s what their leaks were about back in December 2016, and the Democrat-Media Complex dutifully reported them then, too, with breathless headlines like this one from the Washington Post on December 9, 2016 (barely one month after the election): “Secret CIA assessment says Russia was trying to help Trump win White House.”

The Mueller Report showed us how credible that “secret CIA assessment” was… it just took two years, 2,800 subpoenas, nearly 500 search warrants, 13 evidence requests to foreign governments, 500 witness interviews, and a taxpayer price tag of $32 million. I guess we should be grateful that the latest CIA coup attempt fell apart within days—after we learned that their “whistleblower’s” complaint bore little resemblance to the phone conversation he was complaining about, which is perhaps understandable since the “whistleblower” didn’t actually know what was said on the call… he just heard about it!

In fact, the online whistleblower submission form was updated last August to remove the requirement for firsthand knowledge of an alleged wrongdoing. So I’m sure we can expect more “whistleblowers” thanks to this new hearsay evidentiary standard. Now the people who “hate Trump’s guts” can file complaints based on stuff they heard from other people who “hate Trump’s guts.” They don’t have to witness anything themselves; they can just cite each other’s complaints (i.e. “Trump is guilty because my colleague said so. And here’s the newspaper article quoting this same colleague anonymously making this allegation.”) And the corrupt media will quote their repetitions like gospel.

Trump’s Words and Deeds

It’s ironically fitting that Democrats are trying to sell impeachment by repeating empty buzzwords. From the moment he announced his campaign in June 2015, Trump was despised not for anything he actually did, but for the words he used.

As Charles Hurt explains in his new book, Still Winning, the day Trump descendent the golden escalator to announced his candidacy, he shattered the “Lexicon of Lunacy.” That’s Hurt’s term for the empty political jargon devised by our Swamp establishment to limit public debate to what they deem acceptable lines of inquiry. Hence, “undocumented immigrants” is the acceptable term for foreign nationals living in our country illegally. “Free trade” stands for the totally un-free globalist wealth-transfer that hollowed out American manufacturing. “Religion of peace” describes the worldview of terrorists shouting “Allahu Akbar” as they cut off people’s heads.

Donald Trump, alone among the political class, understood that when you are not allowed to call problems what they are, you aren’t able to fix them.

But saying words is one thing; actually following through with deeds is another.

During the Cold War, an internal KGB report famously described Ronald Reagan as “a firm and unbending politician for whom words and deeds are one and the same.” That assessment explained why the Soviets feared Reagan so much, and why history would prove their fears were well founded. Reagan defeated the Evil Empire because his words became deeds.

The smart Democrats fear Trump for the same reason. Any fair assessment of his record in office will show that, by and large, Trump’s words have become deeds—and that is why they want him gone.

While the Democrats have been pushing impeachment, he has been working for the American people doing the things he said he would.

Let’s review his record.

“The Greatest Jobs President God Ever Created”

When candidate Donald Trump promised to be “the greatest jobs president God ever created,” the pundits rolled their eyes. What kind of an idiot would say or believe that?

Here are the facts. You decide:

More Americans are now employed than ever recorded before in our history. More than 6 million new jobs have been created since Donald Trump took office.

Keep in mind that the labor participation rate has risen under Trump. That means Americans who had been sitting on the sidelines out of the job market for years are finally going back to work. Since January 2017, 4.2 million more Americans joined the civilian labor force, and 1.5 million fewer Americans are unemployed.

In fact, the unemployment rate has reached a 50-year low under Trump. And when you drill down, the details are even more amazing. African-American and Hispanic unemployment has achieved the lowest rate ever recorded in our nation’s history. Women’s unemployment recently reached the lowest rate in 65 years. The unemployment rate for Americans without a high school diploma has also reached the lowest rate ever recorded.

Those are real jobs and real opportunities for Americans. And thanks to President Trump’s immigration policies, this tight labor market has forced employers to invest in training American workers for the jobs they need to fill.

“Americans are not only working, but they are making more money today than they have in the past,” Rick Manning from Americans for Limited Government noted. “The household median income rose to a record $61,372 in 2017, as more Americans are benefitting from wage gains earned.”

Rebuilding American Manufacturing

“Our country is going to start building and making things again,” candidate Trump promised in 2016.

Reviving American manufacturing has been central to Trump’s “Make America Great Again” agenda. As Breitbart’s John Carney explained, “Many economists derided the idea that manufacturing could boom in the U.S., insisting that a combination of automation and globalization meant that factory jobs were gone for good. Some even accused Trump of attempting to ‘con’ the American people with promises of manufacturing jobs.”

The loudest critic was Mr. Hope and Change himself, no doubt bitter about his own failure to fulfill a 2008 campaign promise to revive American manufacturing. At a town hall event in July 2016, then-President Barack Obama threw shade on candidate Trump’s promise to bring back manufacturing jobs.

“Well, how exactly are you going to do that? What exactly are you going to do? There’s no answer to it,” Obama said. “He just says, ‘Well, I’m going to negotiate a better deal.’ Well, what, how exactly are you going to negotiate that? What magic wand do you have? And usually the answer is, he doesn’t have an answer.”

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