Tucker Carlson Exposed A Scandal That Could Bring Down Barack Obama

During his eight years as President, Barack Obama did everything he could do to destroy America.

And even after being out of office, he is continuing in that quest.

But Tucker Carlson just exposed a scandal that could bring down Barack Obama.

In recent months, college admissions scandals have become a major scandal for a number of wealthy individuals.

It has become well known that the super-rich of America can pay off college admissions offices to get their kids into prestigious universities.

51 people have been implicated in the scheme, which involves a crooked admissions official inflating test scores and paying off college officials.

A number have already pled guilty in the scheme, which involved many criminal acts.

But while this is big news, and troublesome, there could be a lot more to this.

On Tucker Carlson Tonight, Carlson put a number of high-level Democrats on blast for potential involvement in shady deals to get their kids into prestigious universities.

He points out that there are a stunning amount of high-level Democrats who have sent children to Harvard.

He lists off a large number of Democrats, including Barack Obama, who have sent at least one of their kids to Harvard.

“Their colleague Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, meanwhile, is one of a stunning number of senate Democrats who’ve sent children Harvard,” Carlson states. “Senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey is a Harvard parent. So is senate minority leader Chuck Schumer. Schumer sent both his kids to Harvard. Barack Obama sent one of his. So did former New York governor Eliot Spitzer. “

But while it may be shocking that all these politicians have sent their kids to the University, none of them have anything on Vice President Al Gore, as Carlson explains:

“The all-time record, though, must go to former Vice President Al Gore. Gore sent four. Imagine that: Four kids in a row to Harvard. What are the odds of that occurring in nature? Statistically, it’s about as likely as being hit by lightning every single day for a year.”

Harvard is one of the most prestigious universities in the country.

Students who get into the university must work very hard, at elite levels few are able to perform at.

Yet, virtually every member of the Democrat elite is able to get into elite colleges like Harvard.

It is conceivable to imagine that there is some corruption going on.

While, in the case of the mega-rich, they simply pay their way in, Democrat elites have a lot of influence.

This isn’t the first time this speculation has come out.

Last year the world was shocked to see anti-gun activist David Hogg gain admission to Harvard.

After facing rejection from a half-dozen much less prestigious schools, the announcement came out.

Considering the influence Hogg has in left-wing political circles, it is likely that is the only reason for the acceptance.

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My Thoughts:

David Hogg getting into Harvard has forever diminished the reputation of the august old school. Hogg is just not that bright, as is obvious from his public speaking and being rejected by other lower ranking colleges. Apparently his high profile, generated by his willingness to say what CNN put into his mouth, is worth more than basic intelligence. Hogg may one day become a CNN newsman, for which little intelligence is required.

Of course they are, the left gets away with close to murder. And the right sit's back and says nothing. I'm a conservative and wish the right would stick together and take the left on as the left does to the right. It is hard to sit back and see the left get away with so much. Look at crooked Hillary, if anyone on the right deleted 1 E mail under subpoena they would go to jail. Keep hoping things will change but not likely.