Impeach, Impeach! No One is Above the Law!

This has been the Democrats battle cry since Donald J Trump was elected.

The Democrats seem to be stuck on two answers.NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW and IMPEACH! Of course they only refer to President Trump, his family, the Vice President, most of the Trump Administration and anyone that supports or supported President Trump in this way!

When it comes to Democrats and those that support their cause it is ok to lie to Congress. Look at Adam Schiff who lied in an open secession of the intelligence committee on national television or Eric Swalwell who lied for 3 years about evidence he personally has, seen or heard or Nancy Pelosi who lied to the American People when she said the Democrats would work for Americans.

Since the 2018 elections when the Democrats regained control of Congress the Democrats have accomplished nothing and put:
Illegal Immigrants over American Citizens.
Globalist over the American People.
Socialism over Capitalism.
Muslims over Christians
Criminals over Law Enforcement.
Terrorist over Israel.

Some in Congress have denied the Holocaust and openly support those that attacked us on 9/11!

They view the AMERICAN FLAG as a symbol of tyranny, racism and all that is wrong in the world!
Can you imagine if Republicans attacked the next Democrat to hold the office of President of the United States of America with the same venomous hatred the Democrats have attacked the current President and his Administration with?

Nancy sees herself as acting President. Protector of America! She organizes trips to Muslim Countries to undermine this Administrationís foreign policy. She travels to Europe meeting with U. N. Representatives and leaders of European countries! She conducts herself as if she were President on the world stage instead of Speaker of the House elected to safeguard the purse of the American Taxpayers!

Pelosi believes that if the Democrats cannot win the Presidency via an Election they can seize it through IMPEACHMENT, a non-violent coup and she would become the first Woman President!

Only one Problem... what is the Crime? What Crime did Candidate Trump now President Trump commit? Never in the History of the United States has a President been designated a Criminal and their life turned upside down in search of a crime.

Usually a crime is committed first then an investigation ensues!

And if they were so worried concerning No One is Above the Law, why werenít they concerned about Hillaryís E-mail server crimes.