Traveling while carrying with a week in California
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Thread: Traveling while carrying with a week in California

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    Hey All,

    I have my CCW in Pennsylvania. I will be passing through the US this summer on a MC and I will be riding for a week in Cali. I plan on bringing my G36 with me for most of the trip, but it's on the banned list in Cali. Can I forward my firearm to a licensed dealer or something similar to hold my firearm in Arizona for me while I pass through California? I'd like to bring my G36, but I'd also like to spend some time in California.


  3. Aw Man, I'm jealous. I hope you're in shape to do the ride. Maybe go for an IRON BUTT award. Look it up if you're not filmiliar with it ( a 1000 miles in a day ). I took a MC ride from Delaware thru Maryland, thru DC to Skyline drive Va.; down the Blue ridge Parkway to the Dragon Tail while carrying concealed (2 days). Going thru Maryland and DC I Unloaded my EDC and packed it in a locked hard bag in one saddle bag, and the ammo in another locked container in a separate saddle bag on the other side. Also both bags were locked. You can find this info on the NRA site under travel while carrying concealed. Also check to see what states Pennsylvania has reciprocity agreements; also on NRA site. Good luck and God bless try to stop at every farmers market you see and sample some of the local stuff. That was the best advice I got when I did my trip. Don't forget Route 66

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    Cal won't honor his PA CCW. Just like NY, they don't like anyone from outside there own state. That said, store it in separate boxes and pray you don't get pulled over.

    I have a friend here in AZ that does carry into Cal without a CCW. He says he carry's a throwaway cheap semi-auto knowing if he does get caught with it, it will just get taken away and its a misdemeanor.

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    California is as bad as New Jersey. If keeping it in Arizona is an option, that would keep you from being a potential felon.

  6. I would not risk it- Cali is ruthless with this and since itís not really known for supporting this I would make other plans

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