Presiding Judge Rosemary M. Collyer of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Court has issued a strong rebuke of the FBI for their criminal abuse of the Court in its fraud to spy of President Trump’s campaign and administration. The rebuke is indeed called for, but if the Supreme Court, the FISA Court, the FBI, the DOJ, or Congress thinks that Collyer’s rebuke is a sufficient reaction to the abuse of power, fraud, and perjury committed by criminal law enforcement officials at the FBI, they are most seriously confused about what the law abiding citizens of this nation demand to bring these crooked FBI officials to justice leading to criminal prosecutions and prison time!

I don’t know if the FISA Court thinks the rebuke is enough, but citizens recognize it, without follow-up prosecutions, as the shamefully common cover-up practice where the “Deep State” takes care to protect their own. I believe that the American People will be motivated to end the FISA Court if the criminal FBI officials walk free! We care and we will not be satisfied with a face-saving rebuke that does not result in reasonable prison time for criminal cops, especially at the top—even if they used to run the FBI or DOJ!

And leaving corrective procedures to the FBI for the FISA Court is like asking Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton how to stop politicians from selling influence in Washington, D.C.! That is the job of Congress and the Supreme Court! Not the DOJ or FBI!

Fix the FISA Court or lose it! Prosecute and put crooked cops in prison or citizens will fix it all themselves and Washington will feel it to the bone!