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  1. Looking for a new carry pistol

    Hello all! This is my first post on the forum. I've been lurking for a while, but hadn't joined until now because.... Well I ran into a conundrum today. My current carry pistol (my only pistol) is a SIG p250. I love it, its been reliable, accurate, and durable. My SIG has done anything and everything that I've asked of it for the last 4 years . During which time it has been the only pistol that I've owned.

    Now I have recently been considering purchasing a new pistol. Not necessarily that I need one. I would prefer to have a trigger who's reset isn't 12 miles long though. My thoughts have taken me down most roads and I had all but settled on a p320.

    Until I walked into a LGS today. A lightly used (100-200 rounds) HK VP9SK with 4 spare mags (3: 15 Rd, 1 10), a bladetech OWB holdter, and a lagtech IWB. All for $550. I handled it in store a bit. Fondled the controls, and after gaining permission even field stripped it in store. It present as well, or better than the p250 that I've been training with the 4 years. The counter man allowed me to wear the IWB for a minute or two. After sitting down with the holster on my hip I determined that I like the combination.

    So I guess the question is..... What would you guys do?

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  3. It's a short life. Buy it and enjoy itLooking for a new carry pistol

  4. The way you describe it, i'd say you already know the answer! it takes a lot to get fully comfortable with a handgun. I'd suggest you to go for it!

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