Hidden Cabal Agenda Revealed for Establishment of One World Government
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Thread: Hidden Cabal Agenda Revealed for Establishment of One World Government

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    Hidden Cabal Agenda Revealed for Establishment of One World Government

    The reference below gives these examples of goals being foisted on us. They aren't all but give the overall possible plan. Funny how easily we have given up our freedoms so easily. This isn't our first virus pandemic and not the deadliest but we have capitulated to the government scare tactics and will lose more freedoms. There has been a lot of bluster on here about how we won't be pushed around by a corrupt government (Dems) but some said "BOO" and life ceased. Take some to read about the 1918 flu and compare it to COVID-19. the world didn't stop then and will notnow.

    The non existent pandemic of the Corona Virus has the following goals.

    1) Shelter at home self isolation in order to observe if the public obeys the government and social distancing. Our individual liberties are being chipped away everywhere and the democratic institutions weakened and authoritarian rule has increased to bring in the fascist New World Order after the current non-existent health emergency subsides.

    2) Each day the government takes more liberties and rights away from their citizens and closes businesses they deem non essential to see how far they can go before the population realizes that the Corona Virus pandemic was based on a false model. The goal is to destroy the middle class and take away all of our rights and property and make us all serfs.

    3) To destroy the American economy and cause the collapse of the US dollar in order to bring in a new digital crypto currency. You are to believe the big lie that paper currency is a germ spreader.

    4) Mobilization for Invasion order released to install 5G across the country and other military operations while the sheeple stay at home sheltering in place.

    5) Everyone has Corona Virus in them and our body excrete exosomes or the toxic cells from our body all the time based on air we breath and food and drink we ingest. Most of the deaths that have occurred were misdiagnosed as Covid-19 even though most of the people had one or more underlying conditions. The test kits were proven to be unreliable and the kits cannot tell how much toxic cells we have in our body. The death rate is less than the flu and the model developed by Neal Ferguson at the Pirbright Institute (owned by Bill Gates) was grossly over exaggerated which he has since retracted. https://thefederalist.com/2020/03/26...c-predictions/

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