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  1. Sig 365, IWB @4oclock

    Hi All,

    Joined this forum as Ive been carrying nearly 24/7 and struggling with the following-

    While using a kydex tulster IWB holster, with a Sig 365, I cannot get comfortable sitting in my truck.I usually end up removing holster and gun, every time I get in or out of the truck, then having to place it IWB while outside vehicle.

    The gun always digs into my seats(besides not being real comfortable) and has really indented by truck seat.

    Is there anything to do(new holster, etc) besides appendix carry?

    Any insight or similar experiences with the P365 would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

  2. Ill also mention, I have solved this problem with using same holster in appendix carry, but for the life of me, cant get comfortable with "one in the hole" right above the manhood. Just makes me uneasy.

    Hence wanting to carry at 4oclock ..

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    I'm wrestling with similar situation. I'm not going to carry appendix...just too dangerous for me personally. That leaves 4 O'clock which IWB. It is still painting for my body type (5'10" and 220). However, I will be removing in my vehicle just so I have quicker access while in the car. So I'm looking at different carry options. I'm actually considering OWB holster and just conceal with untucked shirts and coats.

    Following to see what comments you get...
    Barrett Powell

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    I use a two holster solution that works for me but won't be for everyone.

    I wear an Alien Gear Shape Shift IWB and carry a Sig P365 in the 4 o'clock position. It is not a holster that you can just slide inside the waistband easily but super comfortable once it's in place.

    By state law, my employer can prohibit me from carrying at work, but cannot ban me from keeping a gun in my vehicle. I put it on first thing in the morning and wear the holster all day, even though I have to remove the gun for work.

    I remove the gun when I get in my truck in the morning and place it in a Galco holster that I leave in my center console - I have a reserved spot closest to the door at work and do not want to put on an unholstering show when I arrive. There's a slot in the console that ensures the rig doesn't slide around. The console gets locked once I arrive. Fortunately, my truck is parked directly outside my office window where I can see it.

    I am usually the last to leave so I can reholster the Shape Shift without being observed, and reholstering with the Shape Shift is smooth as butter. I can reholster sitting naturally in the seat of my truck. Because of the forward cant, it does not dig into my side, does not indent the seat, and I can draw with my seatbelt still on.

    I only use the spare holster in the console for the work scenario. Any other time, the gun is on my hip when I'm in the truck. I can drive all day with no discomfort.

    Hope that helps...
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  5. IWBA carry being inherently unsafe is false. I carry IWBA using a Vedder "Lite Tuck' kydex holster and have for the past several years. No problem! A good secure holster will cover the trigger area, providing a safe and effective means to carry your 365. It is the ONLY secure means I have found to provide the optimum level of access to your handgun while in a sitting position, especially while in your vehicle. I no longer can imagine having to reach around to the four O'clock position while possibly having to dig beneath a cover garment to access my 365 or my G19. My only caveat would be this... if you have a gut, IWBA may not be for you.

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