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    >if the owner presses charges for anythiig a JUDGE has to rule, guilty or not....<

    charges = court date .>rite?< >wrong?< if wrong my apology for the wrong info.....
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    For someone to press charges against someone there must be a crime. Carrying a CW in an area that has a non-conforming sign does not constitute a crime. If you fail to leave after being asked then a crime of trespassing has occurred. I carry in a lot of businesses in the upstate area that have illegal signs. Haywood mall and banks are some examples. The way the law is written I don't worry about a little thing like a illegal sign.
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    I agree with you completely, Red Hat.

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    >if the owner presses charges for any reason< IF is the key word here............... just saying that IF charges filed for Trespassing or for any reason, is it worth it ?
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