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    Yeah, I had to send it to Senator Elliot instead...

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    Quote Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
    but you know S.C. is not that gun friendly a state.... read the state gun laws and you'll see that most of these are to protect the government not the citizens. I do take issue with just blanket condemning a politician because they are democrat.... don't forget that until recent times just about everybody in this state was a democrat.
    I believe the gun laws established after the Civil War were to protect the reconstructionist government and the aristocracy that came down usurping South Carolinian autonomy. Don't want to get too far into South Carolina history but it feels like the last 10-15 years, the people of South Carolina are finally trying to take some control from the aristocracy.

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    actually the gun laws after the war of northern aggression were to keep guns out of the hands of black and even poor whites, that would not join the klan or other such organizations...

    do a google of "racist gun laws" and you'll find plenty of documentation to support the claim that 'ALL' gun laws are racist....

    I think in recent times it has become more 'elitist' than specifically racist... in that now these laws are to keep the ultimate power out of the hands of the poor and lower middle class.... slowly creeping up into the middle classes.

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