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    Thanks for the support your giving me it's much appreciated.It was SLED that turned me down.

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    Cool Want to thank my brothers for their support Runninwolf

    Quote Originally Posted by FN1910 View Post
    Did you list that conviction and the disposition of it on your application? If not that is the reason they turned you down. They will almost always deny a permit if they find anything left off of the application no matter what the present standing is. If you do not put down that you have had traffic tickets and they find that you have been charged for speeding they will deny it. If you did list it and explained the present status then I don't know but good luck with the appeal.
    Quote Originally Posted by mokester View Post
    I am the new kid on the block and I am from Spartenburg County SC and glad to join my brothers on this wonderful site.
    Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I got a denial from Sled for CCW permit (77 days).I expected that would be their answer because Nics turned me down for a gun purchase back in 2008 for the same reason.I appealed and won my case the FBI sent me a letter to say I was now eligble to purchase.They said I was also qualified for the Voluntary Appeal File which I took advantage of.To appeal (I will) Sled wants a letter in writing containing the reasons that I believe were incorrectly stated and a copy of the incident report and certified court documents of disposition in 30 days.Incident took place(disorderly conduct) on August 11,1964 and was fined $50.00.How come I have to produce documents when they already made their decision based on the information they want me to produce.I should probably get advice from someone who has experience and went thru this.I want to be careful and not to say too much or give too much information.
    Like to thank my "brothers" for their support and understanding and I promise not to roll-over for them.Took "Mufdaddies" advice and wrote an honest and heartfelt detailed letter from 1964 right up to and including today " Keep Howlin"

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    Did they explain why you were denied? That is the first step in the process and if they didn't do this and then explain the procedures you could follow then I think SLED is lacking in their process. I had all kinds of trouble getting a Florida permit a few years back, my application was kicked back to me twice, but each time a letter was included along with why it was kicked back and what I needed to do to fix the problem and the time frame I had. They even gave me a phone number to call if I had any questions.

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    Good for u............. I hope the letter works for u, in a back ground chek a conviction shows up with no explaination, its always better to say in ur own words what happned;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; its worth trying sometimes it works............... Good Luck...................
    Glock Carrier in SC.


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    Quote Originally Posted by FN1910 View Post
    Wow, I haven't seen the new form. That is quite a change from the old form.
    Please note that the new form does have a field asking for your social security number. You should leave this field blank as SLED is not authorized by law to collect your social security number. SLED does not need, is not authorized to collect, and should not be given, your social security number.

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