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    Being in SC, I'm bound by Law if I CC and an officer identifies himself (if not in uniform with ID) as such I must inform him I'm CC. STOP don't do anything else until directed. Don't reach for your permit. Wait and let the Office decide the next course of action and follow his direction. As for carrying in the vehicle, great suggestion of placing doc's in separate area the weapon. Also, in SC unless asked, you do not have to declare a firearm in the vehicle. Again, unless asked. I have reservations about answering him about a gun in the car. Would depend on the reason for the traffic stop. Most LEO's will state it's for office safety.

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    Actually I think you are slightly wrong with the above... not if an officer identifies him or herself but if they ask you to 'identify' yourself. This by asking for your identification, then you need to inform them. the best way I've found to do this is when you hand them your drivers license or state I.D. you include your Concealed Weapons Permit too. I think the visual permit is a much better way to inform them you are carrying than trying to tell them you have a gun on your person.... the officer sees the permit ... processes the information in his or her brain and then determines to ask you if you are carrying... I think this is easier and less likely to cause problems.

    As for the turning over your gun.... I will do it (and have) because I don't feel I'm in any danger and it's kind of silly not to. Will just take more time.... the last time I did I unloaded it before handing it over though. 90% of the time when I hand over my carry piece I still have a 'non carry' piece legally secured in the vehicle anyway... which by S.C. law I don't have to declare.

    It's all politicians trying to out think crooks anyway. If the LEO was in danger from me they would never get to the point of even asking for my identification.

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    When I was stopped it was silly to ask me to unholster my Glock and hand it across the car, over my wife's lap, and to the LEO. If that LEO wanted me to use my pinky and thumb to hand it over he probably wouldn't have liked me putting two hands on the weapon to make it safe before handing it over.

    I spoke to the LEO's supervisor and he agreed.

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    hey bbarton713. Comments well taken. I tend to think that many of this forum's members probably know more details about the gun laws in their state than the LEOs who work for that state. This is probably where some of the "rub" comes from, particularly when an ill-informed LEO makes a request that you know is wrong or just defies common sense and firearm safety. It still comes down to the fact that an LEO has stopped you for a violation, he is only human and must have some concerns about who or what is in the car, and is now exhibiting bad judgement with regards to the firearm laws, firearm handling and firearm safety. It is up to each of us to weigh our responsibilities as a traffic law violator against a sensible and correct firearm understanding, and still be accomodating and respective of the man with the badge. It probably can be a tough call. Personally, particularly when I am CC, I obey all traffic laws--then the matter is essentially moot. In my case, as stated before, in 50 years of driving a car, I have had only 3 traffic stops, which statistically, is essentially none. I read some of these posts and read about multiple stops and really have to shake my head and wonder why some of them even have a CCWP--if you cannot obey the traffic laws, you are suspect in my book.

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    Great point, Kelcarry, in terms of following traffic laws. I usually use cruise control on that road because the speed limits change in odd spots. On the day in question I wasn't using cruise control and was speaking to kids in the back seat of the car, a bad combination.

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