will be hosting a NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home course on April 24-25 in Modoc, SC. Course Description:

NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home… This two-day course is targeted for Intermediate and Advanced level shooters. Lessons expand upon the same topics as Personal Protection in the Home and include instruction on :

- Carrying and using a concealed weapon outside the home
- Advanced firearms techniques
- Personal awareness
- Tactical Shooting Skills
- Point Shooting
- Flash sight picture
- Weapons drills

Each student must provide a handgun in which they are thoroughly familiar with using. The student must also bring 450 rounds of ammunition and 3 magazines. All students wishing to attend this course must be at least 21 years of age and MUST have successfully completed Personal Protection in the Home (or show proof of advanced training).

Length: 14 hours (8 hours Didactic Classroom, 6 hours Range Training)
Fee: $250.00 (includes lunch both days, range fees, and all NRA course materials)

For more information and instructor bio e-mail Aaron at [email protected]