We have a NRA Basic Pistol course scheduled for Saturday May 8, 2010 at Red Barn Firearms in Modoc, SC (Red Barn Firearms - Home). The cost of the course is $100 and includes all NRA Course Material, lunch, instruction, and range fees. If you are interested in attending please respond to this e-mail so I can send you the registration form and reserve you a slot. Included below is a course description and requirements for the course. Thanks.

1) NRA Basic Pistol Shooting… This course instructs the students in the basic fundamentals of shooting a pistol. Course instruction consists of:

- Firearms safety and safe weapons handling

- Firearm operations

- Fundamentals of shooting handgun

- How to improve your shooting skills

- Proper shooting positions

The student will have 2 hours of firearm range training in order to practice and demonstrate shooting skills. Each student will be required to provide a firearm and 150 rounds for their own use.

Length: 8 hours (6 hours Didactic Classroom, 2 hours Range Training)