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    Pro- Second Amendment State Candidates

    Watching some of the political ads for our state.
    Of course I see a lot of BS as well as their websites.

    Where can I find what positions on our upcoming elections for SC State Offices.
    Can we review some candidates and their stances on this forum?

    Here are some of the issues I am looking at, please add....

    Where do they stand on Open Carry?
    Open Carry/storage in auto?
    Auto as personal real property?
    Storing firearms in parked autos?
    CWPs for18+ y.o.?

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    In some cases, we all have to do our own Due Diligence. Some of the Candidates are overwhelmed with requests and Ignore some or all. I'd love to see a state forum level post of Canidates and there stances here on this site. I also watch, not only the NRA or GOA but the local organizations like MCRGO ( MCRGO - Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners ) or MGO ( Michigan Gun Owners )
    Semper Fi

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    So, does that organization Michigan Gun Owners have a clear and precise listing of how the candidates running for Governor of SOUTH CAROLINA stand?

    I prescribe to the SC firearms forum on Yahoo as well as check out Grassroots SC

    scfirearms : South Carolina Firearms Ownership

    GrassRoots South Carolina - Our Goal: Citizens carrying arms whenever and wherever they choose.

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    Nikki Haley's website states that she is pro-2nd ammendment. She also got Palin's endorsement. Unfortunately I'm afraid this accusation of infidelity might be enough to keep her out of office (especially with the Sanford mess still looming over the state). Worst case would be if she makes it through the primary and it bites her in the election. We've all seen what the Dem's can do to a Republican woman candidate that scares them (exhibit 1 - Palin).

    I didn't see anything on Barrett's website but he did supposed get a A grade from the NRA. I can't find it on their website but I'll look more when I get time.

    I only checked these two because they are the two I'm considering voting for in the coming primary. I was leaning slightly toward Haley but it is very early. I live in upstate SC and people up here absolutely LOVE Gresham Barrett so I'm looking at him as well.

    Another source for info is the Brady campaign - basically if they give a candidate an "F" he or she is almost certainly going to be very good for the 2nd Amendment. Bet you never thought your website would be used THAT way, did ya Sarah Brady?

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    I think I'm going with Nikki Haley. WORD radio in Greenville/Spartanburg talked about her all day yesterday. The consensus is nobody believes his story and if they do they don't care. She's not a bad looking woman and Will Folks, well lets just say if she had a fling with him she must have a drinking problem also. Folks was the press secretary for Sanford until he arrested, charged and plead guilty to a criminal domestic charge involving his fiance Folks is a paid blogger and Nikki has been pulling away from the other candidates, so most are wondering about the legitimacy of the story.
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    Here is what the says about the website that this Folks guy runs:

    "Folks pleaded guilty to criminal domestic violence in 2005 and left the Sanford administration around that time. He is now a political consultant and runs, a conservative site that features occasionally insightful commentary, thinly sourced stories of state political intrigue and photos of women in bikinis."

    from Nikki Haley Accused Of AFFAIR With Conservative Blogger by JIM DAVENPORT | 05/24/10 09:30 PM

    Pretty much says it all, no?

    (No I don't read but it came up on a web search.)

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    Sold on Nikki

    I saw on Grassroots Defender where McMasters reallyu falls. And I totally agree from the issues I've seen on Georgetown School district, next county over from me. He is definitely two-faced.

    I'm sold on Nikki Haley. From her speech on 2A, "I hold a Concealed Weapons Permit myself, and in this state we have issues that make it difficult for CWP holders to rightfully carry – we need to make the rules that govern carrying far more simple. As governor, I will continue to fight against any government infringement on the 2nd Amendment."

    I can care less if she did or did not have an affair. That is between her and her husband.

    How about LT Gov., A.G, Secrectary, Treasurer, etc?

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    Got my flyer today from the NRA.. Henry McMaster A+. I support the NRA but I totally disagree with then on this one. Nikiki or Gresham, haven't made up my mind yet.

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    I belong to the NRA and support them but would not

    trust their 'rating' of a candidate long enough to toss it out the door.

    Way too political... their A+ rating of McMaster is just a prime example of this.

    This all became obvious when they whole heartedly supported McCain after he stated in writing in their magazine that he was against private gun sales.

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