L1 digital fingerprinting has been stopped!
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Thread: L1 digital fingerprinting has been stopped!

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    L1 digital fingerprinting has been stopped!

    SLED overstepped their authority!

    South Carolina Law Enforcement Division


    The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) will not be implementing the Digitized Fingerprinting Concealed Weapon Permit (CWP) program as was previously announced. SLED personnel will continue to seek efficiency measures Division-wide, including the CWP program. SLED appreciates the patience demonstrated by each CWP applicant as SLED Regulatory personnel attempt to address CWP application turnaround times during these challenging economic times.
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    I would have no problem if SLED made the digitized fingerprinting an option which could speed up the process like Florida uses it. However the way they tried to require it was both underhanded and illegal, especially the part about requiring fingerprinting for renewals. It just shows their arrogance towards the laws of SC unless someone stops them.

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    I would have no problem with them speeding up the process, but me thinks I would have a problem with a private company having my prints and personal information on file

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    I've got a great idea for speeding up the process... go the way of Arizona and don't require permits for open or concealed carry anymore. Problem solved!

    I'm glad they canned this idea.
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    Unfortunately the problem with that is you no longer would be able to carry in other states that require a permit... thus if we went that route then with out a permit you could carry in S.C. AK and VT and that is it.

    I actually agree with the concept but now that the lawyers and politicians have buried us in bureaucratic laws that 'must' be followed.... it seems you can't just take the laws off the books you have to add laws to the existing ones.

    The initial problem with bad finger print cards could and probably should have been addressed with this L1 system as an option. Making it mandatory and then throwing in the renewal thing too sure sounded like somebody was looking to make some money off of it for sure.

    Reminds me of the folks who are pushing for all ammo to have serial numbers on it.... throw aside the whole gun control issue and do the research and you will discover the two guys that invented the process and have the patent on it are the ones pushing for it to be a law... just too nasty and stinky a way to promote a business in my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red Hat View Post
    SLED overstepped their authority!

    South Carolina Law Enforcement Division
    Excellent news. Actually, we need SLED out of our business altogether.
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