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    non resident

    I have parents that live in SC.Can I use there address to get a SC concealed carry license??I see you have to fill pot that form to the county assesor thats why Im asking.Thx everyone

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    Unless you are in the military I doubt you can. You must prove that you own property in SC and pay property tax on that land to get a Non-resident permit.
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    Red Hat is right... you need property and proof that you pay taxes on that property to get the non resident permit.... now if you parents have some land they might could give you some or you might could find a parcel near them for not much and then get one that way.... but it is a long and expensive road as you can see.

    the problem is not just with us... but with your State of NY, which will not reciprocate with any other state.

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    oh trust me I know!NY STINKS!The last time I checked all my other rights exist when I cross state lines.I cant think of a amendment that is violated as much as the 2A!All 50 states should be like Vermont!No permit needed,references are neeeded etc wtc

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    To change the subject slightly... what is starting to amaze me is how 'WE", and I include myself here, are so proud to have put our names on various government list as gun owners.... if and when a bad day comes, guess who is going to be put in the first train cars or on the buses to camp?

    Feimer74, I'd get a Florida permit... it will allow you to carry between here and NY, sort of, and in a number of other states....and in the mean time while visiting S.C. you can carry at your parents... keep the hand gun in glove box while driving around and work on finding some cheap land....

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