Sent off the New Hampshire non-resident application today.
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Thread: Sent off the New Hampshire non-resident application today.

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    Sent off the New Hampshire non-resident application today.

    I finally got around to sending in my non-resident NH CWP application today. We'll see how it goes.

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    Used to take 10 days....

    but I'll bet it takes just under a month now.

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    Per their website they have 14 days from the time the receive the application to either issue or deny the permit. The question becomes (I guess) how long after they make the decision before the permit is made and sent out.

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    I sent mine in yesterday....I hope it comes quickly. I read somewhere on here that it was taking about 17 days. So hopefully that will hold true.

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    I don't think they run a back ground check or anything like that... just look over the application to make sure you filled it out right..... your S.C. permit is proof that you've passed the background check... so, in reality it is just a 'rubber stamp' permit.

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    I just saw from my bank that the check cleared. I guess that's a good sign.

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    Yep, it won't be long now!
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    Still haven't got it yet.

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    Sent mine on the third, hope to see it and Utah arrive almost together
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    It came in yesterday. I got it not long after making my post about still waiting. :D

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