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    Does anyone know the laws on carrying at Carowinds? I am working an event there and will be parking where the employees park and I was not planning on carrying inside the park but just leaving the old glock in the vehicle. Any help would be awesome.

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    1- Unless you are working for yourself, you cannot carry without express permission form an officer of the company or equivalent.
    2-Being on Carowinds Property, you must ensure they allow CC as well.
    3-Not being a lawyer, I would say if the above 2 are met, you should be OK.

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    Isn't that in N.C.?

    You can't carry in N.C. in any place that charges an admission fee.

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    Carowinds is in North Carolina and South Carolina. State line runs right thru it. You might be legal in one section but not in the other.

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