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  1. New Guy Here...

    Hey everyone... Just wanted to take a minute and introduce myself to the boards, and figure not a better place to do it then right here with the folks I live amongst.

    My wife and I live near the the Summerville area and love it down here. We moved here about three years ago due to work. It was suppose to be a short lived deal, but we ended up staying here. The place kind of grows on you if you know what I mean.

    Anyway, I am new to the boards but not new to guns by any means at all. I spent four years serving my country in the United States Marine Corps. I served exactly 4 years and 3 months on active duty and loved every minute of it. I decided to get out because I felt that I got out of the Marine Corps what I was looking for and wanted to try new things in my life. It as worked very well for me thus far and feel very blessed for what I have accomplished since joining and getting out.

    I just recently took my SC CWP class and I am in the process of purchasing my new firearm. I used to be a permit holder in the state of VA but let the permit expire, not realizing that I could have renewed it. See what happens when you are young a dumb? I am very interested in learning more about the SC Grassroots organization. I don't know much, but from I what I do know, they seem to be my local voice for the advocates that don't belive gun ownership should be allowed. If you are a member, drop me a line and feel free to let me know.

    I love my country with all my might and will defend her until the day I die. (It sounds cliche, but Once a Marine, Always a Marine) I strongly support the legal use, and ownership of weapons in this country. I do strongly believe that it is every man's right to own and carry a firearm as long as that person falls within the legal guidelines. I also will fight for as long as I can the activist and other haters that believe I shouldn't be allowed to own a gun. I also feel that we as gun owners are at war with those who don't feel we should be allowed to own them. One person, can't win a war by himself, but as a collective group fighting for the same things, we have a great chance.

    That is all for now. if you have any questions, or comments let me know. Thanks for taking the time to read, and as always, carry safe, shoot responsibly...

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    Welcome from a Geechee on one of the Lowcountry Islands.

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    Semper Fi!

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    Welcome for sure...

    you might want to sign onto the Yahoo group....

    scfirearms : South Carolina Firearms Ownership

    a little more goes on with that than here.... not to put this forum down.

    I don't want to be too critical or even come close to a flame but I did have one problem with what you wrote and that was the part where you wrote:

    "I do strongly believe that it is every man's right to own and carry a firearm as long as that person falls within the legal guidelines."

    I tend to agree at least publicly... but the problem is that this is where we have gotten our selves to the dilemma we are in now.... the powers that be have 'out lawed' us to the edge.

    It's the major problem I have with the NRA...(of which I am a member) they have a 'politically correct' agenda when ever new gun legislation is offered that we don't need new gun laws we just need to enforce the existing one... well I humbly disagree... we need to start repealing a number of the existing laws.

    As a Marine you will fully understand it better from the point that a war or battle was never won by just defending your existing position.

    Grassroots is our best voice in S.C. I would suggest you join.

  6. blume357,

    Thanks for your input. I do agree with what you are saying to an extent. I do feel that the NRA has out themselves into a position of political correctness that seems to push some folks away. The only point I can make on that is I guess when you are in a certain position, and as recognized as say an organization like the NRA, you have to be a little flexible in terms of your views in order to get your point driven home. I believe that by taking that stance it creates many more issues in the country. ( That discussion is for another day.)

    Now, I do agree with the point that we should, as a nation, start repealing some of the existing laws that are in place. Some of the gun laws that are in place are down right stupid, and I believe that some of the actual laws need to be disgarded altogether.

    I will check out that Yahoo group, as well as look more into the SC Grassroots organization. I am very interested in learning more about the group. From the outside right now, it looks to be a very strong group that is an overpowering voice in what I believe to be right. I believe strongly that without standing up for what I believe in, I am just as much of the problem rather than being a part of the solution.

    Thanks again for your insight. I do appreciate and respect your response. If you or anyone else has any other information regarding The SC Grassroots organization or any other group that defends our rights to be law-abiding, gun carrying citizens then let me know. I am always looking to support OUR Rights...

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    Hello, and Welcome to the site, from another SC. shore dweller lol ( the Myrtle Beach area )
    Glock Carrier in SC.


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    Welcome from the Upstate, glad to have you aboard!
    USAF Retired, CATM, SC CWP, NH NR CWP, NRA Benefactor
    To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of people always possess arms, and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them... -- Richard Henry Lee, 1787

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    Also, I joined the S.C.Gun Owners Association a few years back... don't know why and don't know exactly what they do but I was glad because one day I decided to buy a M1 Garand for my father and belonging to them was part of the saving grace because they are a recognized organization....

    The Grassroots folks seem to be the lobby here in S.C. at least they tend to aggravate SLED and get the state NRA folks all riled up at times.... I sent some state senator... Knox an email a while back about a stupid law he was trying to pass and he responded with a very rude form letter putting down Grassroots... I never mentioned grassroots in my original email and did not use their 'form letter' to contact him... he just assumed and I then responded to his ...but never got a response to that one.

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    Welcome from Aiken tyjack09

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    Welcome aboard from SE SC(Beaufort)

    My Kimber I show to my friends. My Glock I show to my enemies.

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