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    Family rummor has it that a goodly number of my ancestors

    are still up on Kings Mountain.

    Most folks these days have completely forgotten the role this state played in the Revolution.

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    Hey there,
    I am a newish resident to SC, I was originally from MA but have been renting an apartment down here for the last year and a half. Since I am also a student I have not had to get a SC drivers license yet (though I am planning on doing so in a month or two (after November so I can still vote Deval Patrick out of office in MA this November). Once I have my drivers license from SC is there anything else I need to get a pistol? I can prove my residency in SC through either a bank account or my auto insurance. I don't specifically want to carry the weapon on my person or anything I just want to have one even if its left on my property.

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    You can go ahead and change you DL and still keep your voter registration in MA until after the election. I don't know how it is handled up there but DL and voter registration are not tied together in SC. Once you have your DL go to the gun store, pick out gun(s), fill out form,wait for NICS check, hand clerk money and walk out with gun(s). As far as I know the DL or state issued ID is the only thing required in SC.

    You are supposed to change your voter registration when you move but lots of people do not do it until there is some important reason to, may be illegal but it does happen.

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    The way I read the laws you can legally purchase a pistol or long gun in a private sale right now.... technically you are a resident of S.C. You live here... government documentation of such should and is not required in private sales.

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    Welcome to the state Labratinamaze and Vanquished. Someone on this sites sig states Yankee by birth southern by the grace of god and man that statement cannot be more true. I cannot say in words how much I love it here. Just got back from a weeks trip up north and must say besides seeing family and old friends I will never ever go back!

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    Quote Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
    are still up on Kings Mountain.

    Most folks these days have completely forgotten the role this state played in the Revolution.
    Seems like most folks-especially kids around here don't know about the revolutionary war period. Seems like the school systems here don't feel the need to teach American history

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    Most adults have totally missed the history and lessons learned too.

    It was a revolution... we (now the U.S.) were fighting our government .... we were the evil 'terrorist'.

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