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Thread: Concealed Carry in restaurants.

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    But to say that you don't realize what restaurants do and do not sell alcohol for consumption is really short sighted. When you walk into a Ruby Tuesday's, Chiliís, etc. - the first thing you see if the huge bar in the restaurant (and I used Rubyís & Chiliís as examples, if you donít go there, thatís cool, but donít litter the thread with ďI donít go here or thereĒ).
    While I agree with your statement on obeying the law I do need to take exception to the idea that it's always easy to tell which restaurants sell for on-site consumption. I eat lunch in a deli that has beer and wine in coolers along with the soda. They have tables to dine in and are licensed for on premise consumption. If you walked in to order a sandwich you might walk right by the beer without noticing it. I imagine that there are many businesses like this across the state. The restaurants with bars like Ruby Tuesdays are a no brainer though.
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    It is legal in Oklahoma. But not in bars or establishments that only sell alcohol.
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