S.122, Prefiled bills for the 2011-12 Session
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Thread: S.122, Prefiled bills for the 2011-12 Session

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    S.122, Prefiled bills for the 2011-12 Session

    SC Grassroots has a list of the gun related bills that have been prefiled for the 2011-12 South Carolina Legislative session. Some of them I am not sure about but one I hope passes is S.122.

    S.122 allows you to shoot an animal is attacking you or your animals as a Self-Defense mode. Right now in most cities in SC you cannot legally even shoot a rabid dog that is attacking you unless you own at least 25 contiguous acres. If you are being attacked by a rabid fox you have to beat him off with a stick as you are prohibited from firing a gun inside the city limits. You can carry one on you, just can't fire it.

    The Latest Developments with SC Gun Legislation

    Link to bill S.122

    And for additional reference:



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    I saw those and have the same feeling about them. Still no restaurant carry bill in there either!
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    I say file a OC amendment to existing CC law. Also to include FREE filing for your CC permit for ALL Honorably discharged Vets within the last 5 Years. Of course DD-214 required.
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