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    Completed the course on Jan 12 and mailed applications on the 14th. It is March 21 and no permit yet.
    WOW!! Either your clock's running fast or time really flies down there in South Carolina! We just bought some property down in Liberty (Ain't that a GREAT name for a town!?) outside of Greenville. Looking forward to relocating in a big way!
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    Really, I'm in deep Sh&%... then... because yesterday was

    my wedding aniversary!

    I suspect that being able to enter a Nuclear facility would not really effect the CCW process with sled a whole lot.

    Hell, I've gotten clearnace to get into and work in what most would say is the most important office on the planet....(it ain't square or rectangle) that was a whole lot easier than changing the title on a car in this state.... just my opinion.

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    HAH! I meant Feb 21... as if you didn't know! As an update, it is Feb 26 and no permit....

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    I think he was referring to the fbi background checks and all that sort of stuff and the sled background check ( i think they are probably the same check). Personally, i don't think either will make any difference in the length of time. SLED will get to it when they get to it and not one day sooner..

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    Like I said... 90 days +-10.

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    My permit finally arrived today. 61 days. Go SLED!

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    Congratulations stan29678!
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    congrats stan, be safe
    Glock Carrier in SC.


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