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    That's the state law you are looking at with the provision. That provision for cwp is missing in the county code and according to the county attorney cwp's are forbidden in oconee county parks. I would like to see the provision added to the county code.

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    I am interested in hearing the outcome of this ...

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    Well obviously the county atorney needs to go back to law school or at least get a refresher course on state law.... if he or she is standing by this after you have pointed out the state law then I think they are playing a silly bluff.... but of course keep in mind they get paid to prosecute you regardless of whether they are right or wrong and are imune from suit.

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    TN has the same premption law that says the state is the only one that can regulate firearms. But there is also a code that allows private and public property owners to post signs to prohibit carry on that property.

    It looks like SC may only limit that to private property owners...

    SECTION 23-31-220. Right to allow or permit concealed weapons upon premises; signs.

    Nothing contained in this article shall in any way be construed to limit, diminish, or otherwise infringe upon:

    (1) the right of a public or private employer to prohibit a person who is licensed under this article from carrying a concealable weapon upon the premises of the business or work place or while using any machinery, vehicle, or equipment owned or operated by the business;

    (2) the right of a private property owner or person in legal possession or control to allow or prohibit the carrying of a concealable weapon upon his premises.

    The posting by the employer, owner, or person in legal possession or control of a sign stating "No Concealable Weapons Allowed" shall constitute notice to a person holding a permit issued pursuant to this article that the employer, owner, or person in legal possession or control requests that concealable weapons not be brought upon the premises or into the work place. A person who brings a concealable weapon onto the premises or work place in violation of the provisions of this paragraph may be charged with a violation of Section 16-11-620. In addition to the penalties provided in Section 16-11-620, a person convicted of a second or subsequent violation of the provisions of this paragraph must have his permit revoked for a period of one year. The prohibition contained in this section does not apply to persons specified in Section 16-23-20, item (1).
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