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    Welcome from North Augusta! I am new here to and am very excited about this SC thread. In looking at the other 49 states threads, we are one of the most active. Glad to have another in the group!!

  3. Talking Hello from the lowcountry

    I just received my concealed weapons permit yesterday after waiting 64 days from the day I mailed it. State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) sends you the permit and that is all. I thought a form letter might be included.

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    Nope, no letter from SLED. Just the permit. Welcome to the forum HuntGolf!
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    Welcome, I am in the Greenville/Greer area as well.

    I expected a form letter, copy of the law, anything, but was surprised to recieve a card only as well.

    O well, the card was all I needed.... don't forget to get your NH Lic. and you will be leagal in GA as well

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    Welcome from Oregon
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    Yep, it is kind of strange...just getting the card...

    I had been expecting a letter from then denieing me and along comes a letter size envelope with nothing but the card...

    with most other states you get alll kinds of stuff included...

    I still recommend the Arro tech (sp) folks for the CWP.... their day long course is worth every penny when you realize they help you fill out that gosh aweful goverment form just right and do the mailing and payment for you....

    they will also get you more certificates of the class and help with submitting applications to other states. Mark really helped me out with:;;

    New Hampshire,
    PA was pretty easy if you find the right county...

    The ultimate goal is a Mass non resident... I may try for that one one day.

    I just wish they were UTAH approved...

    I think I'll talk to them about it this weekend at the gun show here in G-ville.

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    Welcome, Redding, from New Jersey...for now!! We've got property in Liberty, SC, and we'll be moving down as soon as we get our poop together (and our loose ends tied up). I'll be looking for a trainer to get my SC CCW as soon as we settle in. Looking forward to meeting alla you guys one day when we're relocated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Redding View Post
    Hello everyone,
    I just wanted to introduce myself. I am located in Greenville, SC. I just stumbled upon this site and love it so far. I'm glad to see others from SC. I'm sure that I will have tons of questions for you. I am currently in the process of obtaining my CWP as soon as I can get up the funds. For the record, I own a Hi-Point C9 ( which was my first handgun and you can laugh all you want, but I haven't had a SINGLE problem out of this pistol after several hundred rounds). I just purchased a Kel Tec PF9 for the purpose of carrying when I get my permit. I also have my eye on about a million other guns as I am officially addicted to them now. If I knew that my wife wouldn't shoot me with them, I would probably buy a different pistol with every paycheck. Anyway, it's good to meet you all and I hope to speak with you all soon. Cheers! :devil:
    welcome from michigan. I fly to greenville every few months from michigan for some treatments. I stay with a great family from traveler's rest
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    I'm in Easley. Took my class from On Target in Travelers Rest SC. It is taught by Judge Charlie Garrett. Their website is On Target - Concealed Weapons Permit Classes if you want more info. Took me 70 days to get my permit. He does everything including fingerprinting and delivering the forms to SLED.

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    Redding, where did you get your Kel Tec PF9? I have finished the training class and filed about 1 month ago for my permit (have heard nothing yet) . I want to buy an PF9 but it seems that O has started a mass run on sidearms.

    Luke S

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