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Thread: Georgian With Weapon in South Carolina?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hp-hobo View Post
    I'm no expert, but I'd say you need to beg in one hand and you know what in the other, then see which one fills up first. I seem to be able to come up with citations to support my answer.

    Can you?

    OCGA 16-11-126 on - State Information For Georgia
    My error. I was sure I read the section in GA Law on carrying a loaded weapon in your vehicle ONLY if you had a license. I cannot find that article of Law so I cede the point. No harm, no foul. One of the reasons I secured a FLA NON RES was to NOT unload my weapon in the car as I was passing through GA from SC.

    Nice addition of civility................."beg in one hand and you know what in the other, then see which one fills up first" It really perpetuates information sharing, Thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by tcox4freedom View Post
    Now that you have an answer to your question, can you do the same for me?

    I'll be traveling from SC to GA on business real soon.

    Do you know how I need to carry in my vehicle?

    Can I OC in GA; even though I'm a resident of SC and GA doesn't recognize my SC-CWP?

    In pertinent part here are the applicable snippets of Ga law on your question:


    As used in this part, the term:
    (1) 'Handgun' means a firearm of any description, loaded or unloaded, . . .
    (5) 'Weapon' means a knife or handgun.


    (a) Any person who is not prohibited by law from possessing a handgun or long gun may have or carry on his or her person a weapon or long gun on his or her property or inside his or her home, motor vehicle, or place of business without a valid weapons carry license.

    (c) Any person who is not prohibited by law from possessing a handgun or long gun may have or carry any handgun provided that it is enclosed in a case and unloaded.

    Disclaimer: I am an attorney but I'm not your attorney. My comments here do not constitute legal advice and there's just no substitute for obtaining advice from the attorney of your choice before proceeding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulxav View Post
    See SC SECTION 23-31-230. Carrying concealed weapons between automobile and accommodation.

    Notwithstanding any provision of law, any person may carry a concealable weapon from an automobile or other motorized conveyance to a room or other accommodation he has rented and upon which an accommodations tax has been paid.
    Thank you Paul. I may end up vacationing for a week in South Carolina after being in Florida for a week, and I was wondering about my ability to at least keep a weapon locked up either in my vehicle or condo, given that I would be "renting" (paying that tax!) and not technically be travelling for that period of time. I am so used to dealing with New Jersey laws that I forget that other states can be reasonable about traveling with a firearm!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mappow View Post
    Nice addition of civility................."beg in one hand and you know what in the other, then see which one fills up first" It really perpetuates information sharing, Thanks!
    The only problem is that you were perpetuating misinformation sharing. You were the one who made the statements correcting others which were quite obviously incorrect. Before directing others to review the law, perhaps you should have done so yourself.

    And maybe you should try lightening up a little...
    "I believe we should achieve a national standard on gun control, and that standard should be none whatsoever."

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    Hey Guys sorry i did not proof read my reply you DO NOT HAVE to have a SC permit while traveling SC as long as the weapon is stored in the places i mentioned SORRY about that..... Randy

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    Quote Originally Posted by enbarnes View Post
    Quick solution: spend $100 on a NH permit and get reciprocity.
    SC doesn't accept non-resident permits from any state

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    I've seen people around here (South GA) open carry shopping in Walmart, esp around hunting season. I've never seen them get hassled by anyone and I haven't bothered to ask if they were police or not as I have never felt any concern about such things.
    I like the carry laws in GA. No one seems to hassle anyone about it. I hear some talk from states like SC about "weapons training" but if you are carrying in GA you more than likely know what you are doing. I consider myself fairly knowledgeable, but most of my relatives can talk and shoot circles around me.

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    I know GA. has recently improved their carry laws so a quick check at might be in order. Also advise on a forum is always nice but in legal matters I would always check before I risked a jail sentence. SC will not honor any state that does not require training even though the training component is not too impressive. An ALERT to anyone using NH non resident to carry in PA, PA is slowly stopping honoring most non residents except their own. Still honoring NH's but check before you travel. They also no longer allow you to apply by mail (PA). You must apply in person.

  10. Georgia carry

    Quote Originally Posted by SmokinLawyer View Post
    I have a Georgia Weapons Carry Permit. I periodically travel to North Carolina via South Carolina. From reviewing South Carolina's laws I understand I can have a loaded firearm in my vehicle in a glove compartment, console or the trunk while traveling. I don't routinely overnite in SC but, if that should happen, I see no way to legally get the weapon, loaded or otherwise, to/from my motel room, nor any way for me to legally possess the weapon in the motel room, unless the rented room is considered my home.

    Can anyone shed light on this? It would seem to be much more objectionable from a law enforcement standpoint to require that firearms be left overnight in an unattended auto out in the parking lot.
    You can go online and check what states have reciprocal laws.I live in Indiana and pack my gun outside or conceal in every state except Ill. and Wisconsin these are the only two states that do not recognize our laws at this time.

  11. Go online and google what states have reciprocal laws pertaining to your state.The map that came up for me highlighted all the states that recognize our right to carry.

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