Brand new news from NRA-ILA today...
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Thread: Brand new news from NRA-ILA today...

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    Brand new news from NRA-ILA today...

    South Carolina’s Right-to-Carry Reform Bill Pending Consideration!

    Wednesday, May 18, 2011

    House Judiciary Committee Members Need to Hear From You TODAY!

    The language in South Carolina’s Right-to-Carry Reform bill, House Bill 3292, may soon be amended to restore this bill’s status as pro-gun legislation which the NRA will be able to once again support. While in the House Judiciary Committee’s General Laws Subcommittee, this bill was amended to include flaws that the NRA could not support. Once this bill was reported out of the subcommittee, the NRA began working with the original bill sponsor, state Representative Mike Pitts (R-14) and state Representative Thad Viers (R-68) who authored the amendment, to ensure that proper changes were made to the bill language to reclaim its status as pro-gun legislation. However, H 3292 still remains in the House Judiciary Committee with only a few weeks left to 2011’s legislative session, and it needs your help to pass with the NRA-backed language adopted.

    H 3292 seeks to make a number of positive reforms to South Carolina’s current permit system. These include:

    Expanding where a permit holder may lawfully carry a concealed firearm;
    Creating a straight recognition standard for valid permits issued by other states;
    Establishing a permitless firearm carry system statewide; and
    Eliminating the duplicative state licensing of firearms dealers (who are already licensed under federal law) and the antiquated prohibition on selling handguns that cannot pass an arbitrary “melting point” test.
    This bill must be heard by the full House Judiciary Committee soon, so it is important for you to contact members of the House Judiciary Committee IMMEDIATELY and encourage them to support H 3292 with the NRA-backed language. Contact information for the committee members can be found here.

    We thank state Representatives Pitts and Viers for working with the NRA to support the necessary amendments to this bill, and also thank all other state Representatives who have signed on as cosponsors to H 3292. Please contact these Representatives to express your thanks for their support of Right to Carry Reform! A list of Bill Sponsors can be found by clicking here, while contact information for members of the state House can be found here.

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    I am mighty surprised to hear this!

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    Anybody from SC know offhand if this legislation would widen the acceptance of out-of-state licenses? Specifically, I have an IN (resident) CCW license, and I would love to be able to carry to my sister-in-law's in SC.

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    Something we should know about your sister in-law?

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    Haven't had a chance to see if and/or how the original Viers amendment has been rewritten. But. I don't trust the NRA anytime they tell me a bill is good. They were on board with the original Viers amendment which not only gutted the original 3292 but actually took away some of the privileges (yes, privilege, because this state doesn't treat the RKBA as a right) that we currently have.

    This is not NRA bashing, as I'm a life member. It's just the way it is.
    "I believe we should achieve a national standard on gun control, and that standard should be none whatsoever."

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    This legislation, depending on how it ends up, may be a huge leap. Usually freedom is gained back at a crawl. If SC successfully legalized (treated as a right, no mother may I required) both open (right denied, even with a permit) and concealed carry, to my knowledge that would be the largest and quickest jump in gun rights for a state in recent times.

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