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    I've known of guys to chip in to buy a small piece of land so they could all get a SC permit (or license or whatever SC's nomenclature is for the privilege of exercising a right).
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  3. How can a non-resident easily comply with this training requirement:

    ". . . has successfully completed a . . . course . . . includ[ing], . . . :
    (i) information on the statutory and case law of this State relating to handguns and to the use of deadly force; . . . "

    A non-resident is apt to have completed a course in some OTHER State including the gun and deadly force laws of the State where the training was held.

    One obvious answer would be to go to SC and re-take the Basic Pistol NRA course just to get the 1-hour segment of legal training; but that's an expensive solution.

    Would they take a letter from a suitably qualified trainer stating that he had given you the legal training over the phone? Then, one would submit 2 documents:
    - NRA course certificate from some State other than SC; plus,
    - letter from a SC trainer attesting to his having given the training for SC law

    The kink I see is that the SC legal training plus the other parts of the course would not constitute a common course; the sum-of-the-parts might not constitute a coherent whole that satisfies "includes".

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    I'm having a bit of a problem with this stuff too. My wife and I live in Georgia and most of her family is in S.C. I have a valid Georgia concealed carry license and a Florida nonresident carry permit (even though it doesn't say nonresident). The law now says that my Florida permit is good in S.C. if I'm a resident of Florida. How can I carry in S.C.? I'm always going there for family trips, or passing through to visit family in Virginia. It stinks that my 2 license combo is valid everywhere I normally vist, except for S.C. Anyone confused yet? Any advice or comment would be greatly appreciated.

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