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    u guys are lucky, up here in ny we have to get a ccw just to buy a handgun. im waitin on mine. could be here anytime soon. the suspense is killin me!!! cant wait

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    Wow! I didn't know that. Is it a difficult process to get a permit in NY?

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    oh yeah, ny and cali are the toughest states. gotta get 4 written recommendations from citizens of your county, take nra course, they wont do back ground check til course is complete and recommendations are mailed back (its about a 4 month wait to get into the course). In my county (saratoga) its about a 2 month turn around once all steps are complete to receive permit. so i should see mine by mid april if all goes well.

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    Hmmm, I would call that infringing I think...

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    Awesome...we have been waiting a bit for ours. We took the class on 02 Feb 2008 and no word yet, but that would cut almost a month off the wait time.

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