SC CWP range test question
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Thread: SC CWP range test question

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    SC CWP range test question

    For those of you who have taken the class required for the CWP, what does the range test entail? ie how many shots, distances etc.

    Thanks in advance for any info.

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    your require to shoot 50 rds.. you have to shoot at diffrent ranges form 5ft I think to 25ft. the instructor tell you how many rds. to shoot, and when to shoot. It timed and you will have to draw and shoot some of the times, I forget how much time is given, but if I could do it anyone can, I am disabled but I passed, the time you have is a long time, it sounds like little time but its not.......... there is Posted in the SC, forum a copy of the CWP lawa in SC, maybe they can be of more help. Or leave a message for RedHat he will know,,, Good Luck
    Glock Carrier in SC.


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    The distances in my class were 5,10,15,20, and 25 feet. As to the timed exercise, everyone in my group was finished firing the five timed rounds at both the distances required a long time before the instructor called time. You don't have to quick draw at all, you can take your time and not run out of time. Nothing to worry about at all.


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    I wonder if we can post pictures on this sight? Will find out in a minute. Your bigest problem if you are a half way decent shot is getting the target scored when done. My instructor just shook his head at mine... I wish I had it to do over again.... I could have done a lot better.

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    Damn! I thought my group was pretty tight (all being inside the 9's)! Instructor told me to spread them out so he could count them. hah!

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    No head shots?
    I tried to pick a few different spots on the target. My instructor asked that we spread the shots out for easier counting as well. Not near as much fun as making a big ragged hole!

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    In all honesty I could do a heck of a lot better now. I was using a Smith and Wesson model 19 and shooting 38 wad cutters. I got tired of shooting single action and as we moved back I started shooting double action.

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    Our instructor said he would disqualify us if he saw us shoot single action. I shot with a gun I had never used before. Taurus .38 revolver.

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    What would the instructor do if you planned to

    carry a single action revolver?

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    Good question! I didn't think to ask that, but he is a good friend of mine and I will.

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