SC Businesses Which Prohibit Concealed Carry?
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Thread: SC Businesses Which Prohibit Concealed Carry?

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    Question SC Businesses Which Prohibit Concealed Carry?

    I'm a TX transplant to SC (AD Military) and I was wondering if you guys could list any known/verified SC businesses which prohibit concealed carry on their premises', or have anti 2nd Amendment practices? I live in the Lowcountry (Charleston area).

    I was going to go to the movies last night in Summerville, until I saw the SC 'No Concealable Weapons' sign on the main entrance to the theater. I've been an AF Career Enlisted Aviator (Loadmaster) for over 20 years, I do enough to protect their liberties, they don't get my money if they don't respect my liberties in return.

    The theater was:
    215 Azalea Square Blvd
    Summerville SC 29483

    I've emailed Regal Entertainment Group to see if this is a company policy or if it is just this specific theater. I cannot get a human on the phone at the theater, so I'll have to drive back up there to personally ask mgmt the same question. Regardless, I will not be patronizing the Azalea Square Stadium 16.

    Any other business out there which I need to steer clear of?


    p.s. I know there is another thread list which is for anti-gun businesses, but I'm not asking on a national level, I'm looking for SC businesses in particular. Thanks.
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    I live in the Columbia metro area you could show your arse and see if it is a approved size and shape no concealed carry sign OR you can do what several of my friends do, they visit let's say arby's sign on door turn and go to next place put it on local gun group site for me it would be MidCarolina Gun Club find another lunch place

    just a thought
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    I did take note of the size, shape, color, etc. and then came home and researched it - it was the correct sign. I'm finding another theater.

    Being new to the area, I'm still looking for a good gun club - but when I do, I'll be sure to post it.

    Thanks for the input..
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    I agree with n4sxx. Unless the sign is state compliant, go in and go about your business. No one is going to know(that's the whole idea). You are not going to be frisked, and even if it was found out, they will ask you to leave, and IF on the outside chance the LEO's are involved, you can express that the sign is not state compliant, and when you were asked to leave, you did so. I carry a copy of what the sign should look like, and none of the places I have been to that post an anti-conceal carry sign are within state regulations. And if the sign was, then you go to the next establishment. Contact the their main branch or mother company, and find out what their company policy is. If it doesn't jive with our 2A, then put it on a list and extend the info to the rest of us, because I will not put money into the pockets of such places. When I go visit my parents in N.J., I make sure that I have enough fuel to get through MD., because I will not stop to get gas, buy a drink or food of any kind, etc. The only reason I spend money in N.J. is my folks living there, and I try to limit what I spend there.

    There was a story not to long ago about a manager of a Wal-Mart that erroneously posted a "no carry sign", and the person who was carrying called Wal-Marts main office, and that manager was made to take the sign down. Sometimes we have managers that take liberties that are not company policy.
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    Even the Regal Theater in Aiken has the no concealed weapons sign. I just don't go the local movie theaters cause they cant show the movie in proper resolution or in the right dimension i pay for but that is another issue

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    Goodwill posts no concealed weapons allowed.

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    Not advising anyone to break the laws but I carry constantly. If a business has a "no firearm" sign on it I try to talk with the owner or manager face to face and like a gentleman about their policy. As a last resort I tell them that I am going to post their stance about it on several local web pages and all my local E mail contacts. If they are unamerican enough to limit my 2ond rights then I am going to give my monies to another company.
    ETA: Please post this at --there are many from your area that need to know the movies stand.

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    Apparently, most theaters have these signs. The Huge Sandhills Cinema 16 in Northeast Columbia has a sign up on the window of the ticket booth.

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    Where at that theater was the sign? I dont recall seeing on there. At the same time, I dont recall seeing one at the Northwoods Mall theater either. I know the Babys R Us in North Chas has a sticker, but it's not the SC legal sign.

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    It was on the main entrance door - maybe the center door of all of the doors, but I don't exactly remember now. The theater in Mt. P (Palmetto Grand) is the same company, but I haven't found a sign on any of their doors.
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