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Thread: Must notify...if you're not carrying?

  1. Quote Originally Posted by mrjam2jab View Post
    THere is not. Similar question arose some time ago...poster insisted that in his state if you had a permit you had to notify armed or not. At that time i went thru the laws of the 10 states that are Must Inform. they all say "when carrying a concealed weapon...."
    Good to know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dcselby1 View Post
    Because in Michigan, the officer will know you have a permit when he runs your plate.
    Not so in SC! Our CWP's are not linked to our DL's.

  4. If you have to ask, you're not qualified to carry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mappow View Post
    Errrrr, if you're not carrying whats to notify the LEO about????? Maybe just show him your CWP Badge, that should be a conversation starter.
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    Sure, I'll tell him. If he's cute. We can also talk about what I carry and when he'd like to go to the range and shoot with me.

    In other words, not as a matter of course.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mappow View Post
    Errrrr, if you're not carrying whats to notify the LEO about????? Maybe just show him your CWP Badge, that should be a conversation starter.
    You beat me to it.

  8. Ok boys and girls! It's time to play what if! Ok, so you are a ccw holder in a state that has a law that states you have to tell the cop you have a ccw permitt when your armed. Ok you went to a swimming pool and your not armed today. So you get pulled over cause you drove past a cop at a donut shop and he saw you in your new low cut swim top looking all cute and stuff. (I HOPE YOUR FEMALE AT THIS POINT.) and he got in his car and drove after you to get a good look at you at the next light (IT'S Officer Hartless from Canton Ohio.)
    as he gets close to your car he see your gas tank cover is open You forgot to close it when you got gas that morning. Ahaaa He pulls in behind you and pops the cherries light on his new low wind resisiting mars light bar on his squadcar. You pull over cause you a good girl who would not break the law. You stop the car put it in park shut the thing off get your DL out and put your hands on the top of the wheel. You see him get out fix his sungllasses and hiches his gun belt up and walks over to your driver's side window. Good morning there sunshine can i see your stuff! ya know your Driver license and insur card. You hand them to him, your DL and Isur cards. You don't tell him your a ccw holder and you not armed so it should not matter. He looks at the cards and said hey I stopped you because your gas tank cover is open so I am being a cop and letting you know. you say thank you kind sir! I will close that right now so you get out in your low cut top and cutoff shorts and feel the cop look up and down your body he can see your not armed. no way you could hide a gun in that out fit the shorts are so small your bellybutton is showing and your bottom is sticking out ( Ok so I am trying to say NO WAY TO HIDE A GUN BUT I AM SURE SOMEBODY IS GOING TO POST A FEMALE OR OH MY GOD A MALE IN SOME OUTFIT THATS SMALLER THAN WHAT IS ABOVE AND SAY SEE SHE COULD HAVE A GUN ON HER. BUT FOR THE STORY JUST LET ME GET AWAY WITH SAYING NO GUN. OK back to the story. He lets you close the door to your gas tank and then said hey! your a ccw holder and you did not tell me you have a ccw permitt you broke the law. your licenses plate tells me you have a permitt your suppose to tell me. You say I did not carry my gun today.
    The cop said Bull shix you ccw people always carry he searchs you no gun he says it must be in your car you don't mind if I search right? you say no I don't concent to a search he says ahaa you do have a gun in there is it under your seat he look in the open door and bend down no gun he looks in your back seat no gun he says well I am sure you got a gun in here and searchs your car and finds a open beer can in the floor in the back seat area where you brother left it from two nights ago when he took your car to the store. (he drank a beer outside the car at the store with a cute girl he got lucky with in the car in the dark behind 7-11. You will find the used condom next week when you pull out your school jacket as it stick to the back of it when you walk into church.) You get arrested for driving with a open beer can in your car.
    wow it could happen! Is the search illegal? what do you think? There may have been a broken law!! fail to tell the cop you have a ccw permitt and the gun could have been in the car. is that prob cause? could be?
    he did not arrest you for it cause you had no gun but that leads him to the open beer can. Ta-DA!!!
    an'it I a booger!!!LOL Ok so what ya think? you going pay the fine or fight it in court. cause I saw a cop win a case of I smelled the beer in the can from out side the car. The empty can was in the car for 3 weeks.
    He searched the car and found the can. he did not say before the searched the car, he had smelled the can.
    $75 doller fine. ok who's first?

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    First never, ever, loan your car to your no good brother. Second when you get out of your car, you always, always, lock it.

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    Answer is simple. WHY? NO!!That does not mean you cannot inform but for what reason?

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