Granted it' not exactly gun related.....
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Thread: Granted it' not exactly gun related.....

  1. Granted it' not exactly gun related.....

    ... but as long as the gun laws are getting changed, how about some knife laws ?
    What comes to mind is local blade length regulations. Say 3 inches here, drive down the road 2 miles and it's 2 inch territory.Walk into WalMart and grab any of their numerous 3.5 blades and never be able to carry it outside your own house in your own city. Anyone aware of any movement ever to standardize it ? If there has to be a limit ,6 inch blade and under for folders sounds right to me.

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    There is a move afoot check out

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    Here in colorado I think they have regulations, but nobody knows what they are, and leo's have better things to do

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    State Knife Laws, City & County Ordinances -

    KNIFE LAWS of the 50 STATES - Introduction and LINKS

    There's a bunch more to look at but these should get you a basic look at the knife laws....
    Good luck

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