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Thread: Anyone know about Thad Viers' and his push to Congress

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    I always thought that HR3292 was far too encompassing to pass. I would prefer to see bills addressing one or two items at a time with a personal choice for the
    "restaurant carry" and it's confusion.

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    I think there was a "Restaurant Carry" bill introduced in the previous session that did not pass so it was incorporated into a larger bill. You are correct that the original 3292 had no chance at all especially with the "property carry" portion of it tacked on. That portion was thrown out even before the sub-committee started working on the remaining portion of the bill. That did make some people mad and therefore did not give the remainder of the bill as much support and consideration as it deserved. The "all or nothing" attitude of some came out and nothing eventually won.

    The restaurant carry deal along with the school property console restriction could possibly been corrected this year but after what happened last year I doubt that you are going to find anyone willing to touch either one. Some consider compromise a four letter word but compromising does not always mean failure, just that it is taking longer to get there. Settling for restaurant carry doesn't mean that we can't ask for more later.

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    Anyone heard if this is going to be addressed this session?

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