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Thread: How long should it take to get CWP back from SLED?

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    I don't know what SLED agent told you that but there is nothing to it. I have seen too many people getting theirs is all sorts of time frames to believe that. As for the 2 week deal they have to send the local Sheriff the names of all applicants and they get 7 days right their. Most of the time the Sheriff will not even look at the list unless someone tells him about someone that he needs to reject. If they don't reject someone in the 7 days then they are automatically approved as far as the Sheriff goes. So they just let it run it's course. They also have to send the prints to the FBI and usually that is the biggest holdup.

    The SC process is much more lengthy than it needs to be but until the legislature changes the process we can continue to expect the 60-90 day turnaround time. Since SLED has to make some kind of ruling within the 90 day time frame lots of them are held until the last minute if everything has not cleared completely.

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    I got mine on day 89.

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    I understand that with budget cuts they only have one lady assigned to this department for CWPs.

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    I got mine on day 94. I figure they held it the full 90 days after the two days it took to receive it in the mail, plus the additional two days to get it to me.

  6. It took exactly 90 days for mine.

  7. Wanted to update my thread..recieved the CCP on Thursday of last week- thats about 72 days from reciept to my mailbox. not bad when you figure Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years holidays were in the mix.

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    Thats not bad Submitted mine in July... Got the approval in December...

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    Took mine about 80 to 85 days.
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  10. This entire principal of waiting to exercise a right is completely horrible. Additionally, having to wait 3 MONTHS is completely uncalled for. I received my Oregon permit in 17 days, and my Washington permit in 12.... and I thought THAT was bad.

    Nothing regarding the background check should take longer than 5 damned minutes. If I'm ever stopped by an officer for speeding, can I assume that it'll take 90 days for him to run my name and let me go? Seriously.

    I've carried concealed for all of my adult life, and the fact that now that I've moved to SC (that doesn't recognize any of my other states permits) I'm all of a sudden not afforded the basic human right of protecting the people that I love... in an unfamiliar area... where it's statistically needed the most.

    National reciprocity needs to happen NOW. There should also be a clause allowing someone that moves to the state to expediately transfer their existing permits. After all, they've already been through the exact same chacks.

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