How long should it take to get CWP back from SLED?
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Thread: How long should it take to get CWP back from SLED?

  1. How long should it take to get CWP back from SLED?

    Submitted my info in Oct..I know the form says up to 90 days but I know some people in my CWP class who submitted their apps in Nov and have already got their permits back.

    2 guys submitted in late Sept and haven't gotten anything.

    Whats up with the randomness?

    Wish SLED had a way to go online and check the status.

    The wait is killing me!!

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    I got mine back right at 60.


  4. Quote Originally Posted by Keykutter View Post
    I got mine back right at 60.

    Awesome. I would be around 60 days right now.

    Hopefully its not 80-100 like I have read elsewhere on the forum.

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    Don't forget, and don't get too ansty but haven't those folks been on vacation for a week or two thru the holidays? :):)


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    I applied in early Sept and it took until the end of November. This is also w/ me being national guard and having a security clearance. Makes no sense.

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    Submitted mine in June 2011. Received it 90 days later.

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    I got mine in around 65-70 days. You can call the number on their site and they will tell you the received date and tell you it will take 90 days.

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    Yeah, I was told 90 also and that my Utah would come in 60. They both came the same day. Maybe I'm special! ;)


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    Mine took exactly 60 days mailbox to mailbox. The longest I have heard of that has been verified was 92 days mailbox to mailbox and not postmark dates. I have heard rumors (someone BIL heard at the barbershop) of over 100 days but nothing verified over the 92 day mail delay. The quickest I have verified is around 50 days or so. So as the instructor says plan on 90 days and if it gets here sooner think of it as a bonus.

    Back to the original question of how long should it take; no more than 30 days maximum but that it not how it works. :)

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    SLED has stated that since 2008 the HOLD permits so that it gets to ur mailbox @ exactly 90 days.....tho now that they are down on manpower i think they aren't worrying about this as much......

    reason they did it was too many ppl calling and complaining that "mr X got his in 34 days why haven't i gotten mine?" they started holding them so that they all took 90 days......

    ** sled processing agent told me they go into a dated box and get mailed when it hits 87 days...........even tho the permits are usually done in about 2-3 weeks.....
    but like i said they took a 5-10% staff cut this year so are just working them out when they get to them.....least that's what she told me when i asked....

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