Any Palmetto Bank patrons here?
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Thread: Any Palmetto Bank patrons here?

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    Any Palmetto Bank patrons here?

    Palmetto Bank has decided to suppress our 2A rights by posting signs. I contacted them last week and the lady I talked to said they had to post because they were a federal bank. This from a woman with a CWP. After educating her on what a federal bank was she told me that she would check on it and give me a call back. Today I got a call from her and said that I was correct about the federal bank but they were posting the signs for customer safety and insurance reasons. I called BS on this and told her that I was closing my two accounts and that I would let everyone that has an account with them know of their anti gun anti 2A policy. Now I'm trying to find a good bank!

    BTW, they have a new CEO.
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    It they had 100 people leave the sign would come down.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Red Hat View Post
    BTW, they have a new CEO.
    Write a well thought out and polite letter directly to the CEO. Find and quote stats that demonstrate we are not a risk but that the bad guys who will ignore their signs are.
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    In SC, those signs have to be a very specific design to carry the weight of law. Of course, the employees could ask a legally armed patron to leave & if he/she refused they could be charged with trespassing (IIUC), but an unintention carry onto the property without being detected would not turn into a crime.

    Unless the sign is in the proper legal format.

    Can someone near a branch post a pic?

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  6. As Gandalf would say " Keep it secret ! Keep it safe ! And don't go into a bank unarmed ! '

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foxhound View Post
    As Gandalf would say " Keep it secret ! Keep it safe ! And don't go into a bank unarmed ! '
    So you decide what is right and what is wrong. Probably preaching to the choir on a firearm defense forum, but your attitude is one small aspect of what is wrong in this country. We have a sleazy dope in the whitehouse who decides what the constitution is all about and if he does not like it, he ignores it and does what he wants. We have a congress who pass laws they think are right for all of us except them. Can I just ask you one question? Isn't easier and more responsible to just bank at a facility that does not have signs and welcomes everyone? Sorry and apologize for rant if it upsets but I am old and cranky and am tired or everyone making up their own laws.

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