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    Just thought i would say hi. I am located in SC and have been reading the threads for a while now and have just decided to go ahead and join. I have taken the CWP class and anxiously checking the mail daily. SLED has had my packet for 57 days now and I am hoping it will come Friday or Saturday so we will see. I have a Colt deffender plus that I shoot for the class. However I am thinking of buying a Glock 27 for carry beause of the shorter grips. well I look forward to learning a great deal from the rest of you.

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    Welcome from another sandlapper. One thing to consider about the Glock 27 is that it does have shorter grips but I believe that the grip is much thicker. Lots of people find that the thickness of the grip is the major problem in trying to conceal so be aware of that before going out and buying one.

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    Not to make you lose any hope, but I'm on day 69 or 71 depending whether you use the day SLED received the packet, or the check cleared. So might be a little more wait, but you never know. Anyone gotten a permit pretty recently that can tell how long theirs took?

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    Welcome from Texas.
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    Welcome from the Upstate ewarrier2. It seems like every state has a large backlog on permits. So many are now getting theirs and its making the system very slow.
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    Mine took exactly 60 days mailbox to mailbox. but that was a couple of years ago. The standard from everyone I hear is expect tthe full 90 days and anything less is a bonus. Ny NH was supposed to take 2 weeks and took 7 weeks

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    Hello, and Welcome to the site, from you SC, neighbor on shore in MB.............
    Glock Carrier in SC.


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    Welcome ewarrier2, glad to have you on board. Hopefully you will not have to wait much longer!

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    Welcome from Utah, glad to have you here!

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    Welcome from Oregon.
    Have you checked out the Glock 36? That is my CCW, it's very thin, and has a short grip. It fits great in my hands, nice and small, and .45acp
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