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Thread: My email to the AG on reciprocity

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    I wish there was a way to sit down and have a heart to heart talk with the law makers that serve on the committee.... my impression is that a number of them are afraid of the citizens and don't trust them... they are more into giving the government as much power as possible and taking as much away from the citizens as possible....

    One example is last year discussing changing the car carry laws so a person could have a handgun under the front seat... and 'they' talked about how dangerous this would be for law enforcement.... WHY?

    First, I have not even a thought of doing an LEO harm that pulls me over...
    Second, even if I did (was a bad guy) the existing law or even more restrictive laws is not going to mean diddle to me.

    Maybe I'll try to get something from the AG... the problem is you can't mail them a letter anymore... I think it takes something like 6 weeks for 'them' to decontaminate it, before it can be read.

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    As for the handgun under the front seat I am totally against that. Too easy for it to slide out under your feet and interfer with pressing the brakes. Years ago I had that happen with a bottle and learned my lesson thankfully without a wreck. Nothing goes under my seat that can possibly slide.

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    I can't imagine SC is actually waiting on anyone else.....

    I can't wait till WV is added. I wish it had been prior to my vacation....

    It will be nice, but sure is slow...

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